What Do Law Enforcement Explorers Do

Law Enforcement Explorer Posts conduct a variety of programs and projects featuring safety, training, and service. Explorers have opportunities to learn about the requirements of Law Enforcement careers and gain firsthand work experience. The following are program and project ideas that integrate Exploring’s six experience areas:

  1. Career
    • Achieve a better understanding of America’s social, economic and Governmental systems
    • Gain insight and practical experience in careers
      • The history of law enforcement
      • Introduction to law enforcement
      • Note taking skills
      • Patrol procedures
      • Traffic control and radar operations
      • Accident investigation and forms
      • Criminal investigation
      • Crime scene investigation and photography
      • Vice and narcotics
      • Organized crime
      • Homicide
      • Search and arrest procedures
      • Defensive weapons
      • Custody
      • Fingerprinting
      • Domestic complaints
      • Weapons safety
      • Crowd control procedures
      • Riot control procedures
  2. Leadership
    • Gain a sense of pride in our American heritage
    • Prepare to give leadership and fulfill responsibilities to America and the forums of the worlds
      • The history and role of law enforcement
      • The criminal justice system
      • Visiting and observing courts, correction institutions, city prosecutors, judges
      • Law enforcement community relations
      • Participating in a mock trial
  3. Social
    • Build stable personal values firmly based on religious concepts
    • Learn to deal with all people and gain a sense of family responsibility
      • Exchange visits with other posts
      • Dinner or picnic for post members and families
      • Beach, lake or park trip
      • Communications seminar
      • Meet the officers’ families
      • Debate controversial issues
      • Attend sports events
  4. Service
    • Acquire the skills and desire to help others
    • Gain a respect for the basic rights of others
      • Traffic control and parking at community events
      • Law Enforcement Week and Law Day participation
      • Special Olympics support
      • Crime prevention programs
      • Property identification
      • Security surveys
      • Neighborhood watch programs
      • First aid training
      • Supporting the Scouting Food Programs
      • Location of missing persons
      • Drug prevention programs
      • Bicycle safety and identification program
      • Child fingerprinting
  5. Outdoor
    • Acquire a degree of self-reliance based on courage, initiative and resourcefulness
    • Gain an understanding and appreciation of the wide use of resources and the protection of our environment
      • Crime scene search
      • Lost child rescue operation assistance
      • Fish and game careers
      • Traffic control
      • Crowd control
      • Tree planting
      • Canoe trips
      • Hiking and camping
      • Trips
      • BSA high adventure bases
      • Survival training
  6. Personal Fitness and Development
    • Improve mental and emotional fitness
    • Gain physical fitness and an appreciation of sports
      • Physical agility course
      • Explorer Olympics
      • Investigation of alcohol and drug effects on highway safety
      • Medical exams
      • Job stress and relaxation techniques
      • First aid and CPR
      • Physical fitness-Project COPE
      • Challenge other post



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