Hiring Off-Duty Deputies

Deputies from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office provide off-duty security, crowd control, and traffic details for public and private organizations and events. This supplementary service is offered to the extent permitted by existing resources and in accordance with agency policies.
The current rate for hiring an off-duty deputy is $40 per hour, with a three-hour minimum required. The hourly rate of a supervisor for details, if required by agency policy, is $44. Additional information related to scheduling and payment procedures can be obtained by calling (772) 462-3281 during regular business hours.

Procedures for Off-Duty Detail Request

Complete the form below.  
Requests must be submitted no less than 10 days prior to the event.  The Sheriff, or designee, may waive the 10-day requirement in an emergency or other extenuating circumstance at his discretion.
Services will not be provided until the form below is completed and approved by the Patrol Operations Division Commander.  
Submission of this form does not guarantee approval.  
Applicants are encouraged to contact Margarita Morrison at (772) 462-3281 prior to the event to check staffing status.
For officer safety, a minimum number of officers per number of attendees at an event are required. The applicant may request a specific amount of deputies, however, the Sheriff’s Office will make the ultimate determination as to the appropriate number of deputies required to work a specific detail and whether supervisors are required. Jobs requiring 5 or more deputies will automatically be assigned a supervisor with applicable fees.
Events where alcoholic beverages will be served will automatically require a minimum of 2 deputies.
Off-Duty Detail applications from establishments that derive their primary revenue from the sale of alcohol and/or those seeking deputies to serve as “bouncers” will be denied.
Requests for security at private parties, dances and ticketed events will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
The Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee the provision of deputies for a requested detail and reserves the right to cancel a detail in the event the appropriate number of deputies cannot be provided.
The Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to cancel off-duty details without notice and to recall deputies for official duty when necessary for community safety. The Sheriff’s Office shall not have any responsibility nor be subject to any penalty for doing so.
If the applicant cancels the request for a detail, there will be no charge for said cancellation unless insufficient time is allowed to contact the deputies assigned. In the event deputies arrive for a detail, a cancellation charge of three (3) hours per deputy will apply.
The Sheriff, or designee, may make exceptions to any of these policies as necessary for public safety needs.

Schedule of Fees

The fees for Off-Duty Detail services are as follows:
  • $40/hour per deputy, $44/hour per supervisor;
  • Holiday fees for Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day $50/hour per deputy, $54 per supervisor;
  • Hourly charges are subject to change;
  • There will be a three (3) hour minimum charge per deputy for all off-duty details, regardless of actual time spent on the detail;
  • The applicant/off-duty employer may be responsible for paying deputies for additional hours worked, up to three (3) hours, resulting from or made necessary by the off-duty detail (e.g., arrest, prisoner booking, report writing).

Off-Duty Detail Request Form

Employer Information
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Job Information
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