Department of Detention

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office manages the county jail system. The Department of Detention accounts for nearly half the agency's personnel and financial resources. The department consists of the following.
Office of the Chaplain
Ministers to a diverse jail population, officiates at Sheriff's Office memorial services, assists with conducting next of kin notifications, and counsels agency members upon request.
Administrative Division
Encompasses Accreditation, the Administrative Unit, Training/Technical services, and Work Detail/Maintenance.
  • Accreditation: Monitors recognized standards and completes those processes necessary to maintain state corrections accreditation.
  • Facility Maintenance: Coordinates and supervises inmate work details.
  • Food Services / Canteen: Monitors food and commissary services, which are provided by private contractors.
  • Medical / Mental Health: Provides health care for the inmates.
  • Training: Plans and implements the department's training programs, maintains training records, provides training to external agencies that work with the inmate population, and oversees the video visitation/first appearance system.
  • Work Programs: Responsible for providing industrious and educational work programs for inmates to learn a trade, or use a currently held skill in a variety of projects.
Operations Division
Responsible for inmate management. Comprised of Classification/Identification, Criminal Investigations, Day Operations, Night Operations, and Transportation.
  • Classification/Identification: Maintains inmate records and court documents. Determines appropriate housing of inmates at the jail.
  • Day & Night Operations: Responsible for inmate care, custody, and control. Performs intake, booking, and release functions. Provides supervision of the laundry unit.
  • Intake / Booking / Release: Responsible for processing newly arrested individuals, entering them into the jail management system and coordinating release under the appropriate circumstances.
  • Transportation: Provides transportation of inmates to and from court proceedings, correctional facilities, and external medical appointments.



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