Department of Administration

The Department of Administration includes the Patrol Support Division, Office of Professional Standards and the Human Resources, Records and Training Units.
Patrol Support Division
Comprised of Civil Execution, Court Security, the Explorers, Judicial Services, School Resource, Substations, and Training.
Civil Execution 
Serves all court papers throughout St. Lucie County, except arrest warrants.
Court Security
Fulfills statutory requirement that the Sheriff is responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the courtrooms. Provides security throughout the courthouse buildings. Present at all scheduled court sessions. Supervises juries and contracted security personnel, opens court, and executes instructions of the judges.
Judicial Services
Comprised of the civil process and warrant process units.
  • Civil Process - The civil process unit prepares all records necessary to support the civil execution unit
  • Warrant Process - the warrants process unit prepares all records necessary for serving arrest warrants.
School Resource
Addresses the safety and security of students and school personnel while providing law enforcement services. Teaches prevention-based education, such as Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.).
Office of Professional Standards
Encompasses Accreditation, Background Investigations, Human Resources, and Recruitment.
Evaluates policies and procedures and determines compliance with accreditation standards based on inspections and written documentation.
Background Investigations
Investigates and develops the necessary information to ensure that applicant backgrounds are fully investigated while maintaining the confidentiality of the data gathered.
Crime Prevention
Conducts crime prevention efforts through community education, awareness, and involvement. Coordinates the agency's volunteer program.
  • Explorers - Chartered through the Boy Scouts of America, the program is designed for youth who are interested in a law enforcement career. Participation includes basic instruction related to law enforcement, community service, and assisting deputies in crime prevention and community service endeavors.
  • Substations - Located in the Tax Collector’s Offices at the County Administration Building in Fort Pierce and at the Village Green Shopping Center in Port St. Lucie, as well as the St. Lucie West County Annex. Provide information to the public, complete offense reports, and verify vehicle identification numbers.
Human Resources
Manages the new hire and internal selection processes, administers benefits programs, responsible for position control, job descriptions and job task analysis, maintains personnel records, and processes member separations.
Enters data from all offense/incident reports, traffic citations, and arrest reports. Indexes reports to meet State of Florida requirements for the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) System administered by the Florida Department of Law
Training / Recruitment
Identifies qualified candidates for a career with the Sheriff's Office. Attends career/job fairs, community events. Plans, coordinates, and provides law enforcement training, career development, and continued educational opportunities for members.



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