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  1. Business Card Order Form

    Please complete this form to request business cards. You will receive an email from Staples notifying you when they can be picked up.

  2. Contact Us

    Please complete this form if you would like to share information with us or request someone to contact you.

  3. Eye Watch Program

    This questionnaire will provide the Sheriff's Office with information about security cameras hosted by residences or businesses.

  4. Opt Out of Alert St. Lucie

    This form provides information to opt out of Alert St. Lucie notifications.

  1. Community Engagement Requests

    This form is used to request community engagement opportunities with the St. Lucie Sheriff's Office.

  2. Employee Question Form
  3. No Trespassing Sign Request Form

    Use this form to request a St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office no trespassing sign.

  4. Report a Tip

    Please complete this form if you have information about a crime that has or may be occurring in our community. Please provide as much... More…