House Watch Program

Since the risk of home burglaries increases with property vacancy, the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office provides residents the option to receive house checks when they are away from their homes.

Vacation House Check Program

The vacation house check program is free of charge to residents of St. Lucie County Residents who will be absent from their homes for any extended period of time, such as for vacations, long seasonal trips or international ventures are encouraged to register their homes in this program.

Request Form

Once a house check is sought, a vacation house check request form is completed and serves as a guide for volunteers who are performing the house checks. The vacation house check form contains detailed information about the home, such as the length of time the home will be unoccupied, who is allowed entry and what cars are permitted in the driveway or in front of home.

Exterior Assessment

The volunteer will conduct an exterior assessment by walking around the house and ensuring that it is physically secure.