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This hurricane season, be prepared in case of an emergency. Have peace of mind when every second counts.

As Floridians prepare for hurricane season and create disaster preparedness plans, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is urging citizens to make sure law enforcement knows who to notify in an emergency situation by enrolling in Florida’s Emergency Contact Information (ECI) system.

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"By registering emergency contact information, an individual's family and loved ones can have peace of mind that they can be reached in the event of an emergency," said Executive Director Terry L. Rhodes. "DHSMV encourages all those with a driver license or ID card to register their emergency contact information today and make sure information is up to date."

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Florida was the first state in the nation to implement the ECI program, giving millions of Floridians since 2006 security in knowing in the event of a hurricane, crash or other emergency someone would be notified. Anyone with a valid driver license or identification card can enter up to two contacts into the system's secure database. The information can be accessed by law enforcement nationwide only during times of emergency. Individuals can register or update their designated contact information at no cost on the DHSMV website and in local driver license and tax collector offices.

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Currently, 65% of Florida driver license and ID card holders have registered emergency contact information. To learn more about Florida's ECI program, including the real-life situation that inspired its beginning, visit their website.

Hurricane Season

During the hurricane season, motorists are encouraged to monitor the changing weather conditions and adjust their driving as necessary. As Floridians update family emergency plans, visit the DHSMV website to learn more safe driving tips during inclement weather along with hurricane evacuation preparedness instructions.

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