Safeguard Our Seniors


Deputies often are dispatched to conduct welfare checks of individuals only to find, when they arrive on the scene, that the homes are secure and there is no response. If no other information is available, a decision must be made whether or not to forcibly enter the home to ascertain if the person is inside and in need of help. If the person were a participant in the Safeguard Our Seniors (SOS) program, a telephone call to a key holder would have provided quick entry into the home. A telephone call to the relative listed on the questionnaire may help to provide information on the participant's whereabouts or if the person is likely to be in the home.

Vehicle information provided can be used to help locate the participant if he or she fails to return home. Participants who indicate that they have permanent disabilities may be contacted in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster to ascertain if they need assistance in evacuating. SOS is available at no charge to any St. Lucie County resident wishing to join. However, persons with special needs may benefit the most.


St. Lucie County citizens interested in participating in the SOS program must complete a downloaded questionnaire (PDF) or receive it by calling 772-871-5303. Upon completing the questionnaire, it is to be mailed to:
St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office
Attention: Crime Prevention Unit
4700 W Midway Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34981


Upon receipt of the questionnaire, a Sheriff's Office volunteer will deliver and affix a decal to the front door of the participant's home.