Family Data Sheets & the Block Map

Family Data Sheets

It is important that you share as much information as you can with your neighbors about yourself so they can recognize when something suspicious is occurring at your home.


This can be accomplished by using the Crime Watch Family Data Sheet. The data sheet is designed to list:

  • Ages
  • All members of the household
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medical problems
  • Special training that may be of use in an emergency situation
  • Telephone numbers
  • Vehicles

Block Captain

The Family Data Sheet will be kept by the Block Captain to assist him or her in preparing the Block map and profile sheet for distribution to members and the Sheriff's Office.

The Block Map

The block map gives you a visual perspective of your Neighborhood Crime Watch area. It is an easy reference for who lives in your community and is used to explain the layout of your cell when reporting an emergency situation to 911 or a law enforcement dispatcher.


The block map is to be completed by the Block Captain and distributed after the first meeting. The block map ought to include information such as:

  • Address
  • Any distinctive or identifying landmarks around the residence
  • House color
  • Resident's name
  • Telephone number


You may also want to use symbols to indicate things such as alarms, dogs, work schedules, etc.

Easily Accessible

Your block map should be kept in a place that is easily accessible to the family, yet safe from strangers.