Neighborhood Crime Watch

What a Neighborhood Crime Watch Is

The Neighborhood Crime Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of the citizens of St. Lucie County in cooperation with the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office with the goal of reducing criminal activity in your community. The Neighborhood Crime Watch program is the most effective means available for keeping crime out of your community. It relies on the best crime fighting tool ever intended... a watchful neighbor.

Neighborhood Watch Night Out

The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program Involves

  • Becoming the "eyes and ears" of law enforcement by being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in your community
  • Getting to know your neighbors and taking the time to care about them while working together in a spirit of mutual assistance
  • Learning crime prevention strategies such as home security, Operation Identification, and other programs being implemented

What a Neighborhood Crime Watch Is Not

  • Not a 100% guarantee that crime will not occur in your neighborhood.
  • Not a program designed for participants to take personal risks to prevent crime.
  • Not a vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of law enforcement.

First Meeting Agenda

  • If possible, meet in the home of a neighbor to foster an informal, comfortable atmosphere. You may want to ask everyone to bring a food dish or drinks for refreshments.
  • Have everyone attending sign in on a meeting roster.
  • Call the meeting to order and thank everyone for attending.
  • Have all individuals introduce themselves and where they live.
  • Inform everyone that the group needs to elect a Chairperson. Explain the responsibilities of this position.
  • Elect or designate a Co-Chairperson.


At this time, the Chairperson should take over the meeting and collect the family data sheets.

  • Discuss what ideas are needed to enhance the quality of life in your community.
  • Address known hazards such as area crimes, lighting, speeding problems, etc.
  • Turn over the meeting to the Crime Prevention Deputy. He / She will discuss the Neighborhood Crime Watch program, how to report suspicious activity, the fax network, Operation ID, crime prevention techniques, etc.


After the Deputy is finished with the presentation, the Chairperson should inform members that he / she will complete the block map, block profile sheet, telephone tree and make copies of them for distribution to all members as well as the Sheriff's Office.

  • Thank everyone again for attending before closing the meeting.