Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is an effective and inexpensive method of preventing crime and reducing fear among citizens. It can forge bonds between residents and improve relations between law enforcement and the community.


When a group decides to form a Neighborhood Watch, it may contact the sheriff's office for assistance in training members in recognizing suspicious activity and reporting skills and for information on local crime patterns. The group recruits members, keeping up-to-date on new residents and making special efforts to involve the elderly, working parents, and young people.

Neighborhood Watch Warning Sign

Additional Information

For additional information about Neighborhood Watch, please contact the Crime Prevention Unit at 772-871-5303.

Primary Objectives

  • Maintain, at a minimum level of 50% residence participation, a cooperative system of surveillance over on another's property, children etc. Complete the emergency telephone notification system.
  • Report suspicious activity or persons or crimes accurately and immediately.
  • Mutually assist and encourage the accomplishment of home security inspections, and target hardening. Attain a 10% participation in the property marking activity known as Operation Identification.
  • After completing the 4 basic training meetings maintain a continuing system for the dissemination of educational materials relative to self-protection and criminal awareness and adjust program emphasis in accordance with the most current of this information. It is recommended that the continuance of these meetings be on a monthly basis.
  • Assist the victims of crime and assist in their readjustment to normalcy. Help elderly or debilitated citizens and children to protect themselves against criminal victimization, and advocate and push for additional projects to protect these special groups of person whenever necessary.
  • Encourage citizens to come forward as witnesses.
  • If you are a person who believes that a neighborhood crime watch is a waste of time and that you will never be the victim of a crime, remember... evil does good, when good does nothing.