We want the people of St. Lucie County to have the most professional criminal justice services possible. We will accomplish this by providing responsive, quality, and cost effective service.


We will honor public trust through respect and dignity for the community; care for the environment; a work force selected through equal opportunity, treated with respect and rewarded for performance; open and honest communication; positive action and innovation; team work; and responsible use of public resources.


The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office pledges to protect life and property and maintain order through a continuing commitment to service, integrity, the highest standard of ethics, and respect for individual rights in a diverse population.


Community Service

We will focus on community service by supporting priorities of the community; listening and responding to residents and visitors; ensuring public awareness of services we provide; planning, initiating, implementing and evaluating our programs and projects thoroughly; and continuously improving our interaction with the community. 


We will invest in the workforce by treating employees as customers; achieving market competitiveness in wages and benefits; involving employees in decisions, goal setting, and ongoing improvement efforts; improving effectiveness of internal support services; and responding to employee suggestions.

Live Within Our Means

We will live within our means by operating within budgetary limits and adhering to financial policies; seeking new sources of funding; emphasizing preventive maintenance; and focusing on continuous improvement of quality, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.