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 March 28th, 2008  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara announces arrest of Massachusetts man for transmitting child pornography over the Internet
An Ashland, Mass., man is behind bars in that state, accused of transmitting child pornography over the Internet in a case originated by the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Ken J. Mascara announced this afternoon.

“One of the video clips depicts a man molesting a five-year-old girl,” Sheriff Mascara said. “I cannot think of a more appalling violation of parental trust than the violation of an innocent child in this manner,” Sheriff Mascara said.

“The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office is committed to investigating people who abuse the Internet in search of sexual activity with children, and we will make arrests whenever the facts make it possible.”

Massachusetts State Police Thursday afternoon arrested Lonnie Waite, 48 (DOB 2/18/60), of Ashland, Mass., on an arrest warrant obtained by a St. Lucie County Sheriff's detective. Waite identified himself as working for a software company, according to the probable cause statement that was the basis for two arrest warrants signed by St. Lucie County Court Judge Kathryn Nelson.

Waite is being held the Middlesex County, Mass., jail in Cambridge.

Ashland is a town in Middlesex County, Mass.

The investigation began Feb. 11 when the detective, portraying the father of a young girl, was in an Internet chat room called “Openminded parents” when he received an instant message from White who used the screen name “SportsNGamesGuy.”

During the arrest at Waite’s home, investigators seized a computer and a “flash” drive.

The United States Attorney’s Office in Fort Pierce will review the case to determine whether to prosecute Waite for violations of federal law.

A New Hampshire man mentioned in the attached probable cause statement was arrested by authorities in that state this afternoon. They also seized his computer.

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