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 January 30th, 2008  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara announces raid on sophisticated marijuana “grow house” in southern Port St. Lucie
A late Tuesday afternoon raid on a single-family home in southern Port St. Lucie shut down sophisticated marijuana “grow house,” according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

“This grow house, at 630 S.W. Abraham Avenue, was located off Becker Road in an isolated area of the City of Port St. Lucie,” Sheriff Mascara said. “We will continue to investigate and root out grow houses like this throughout St. Lucie County.”

Deputies arrested the home’s two occupants, Pedro Hector Munez (DOB 9/26/62), and Maria D. Cancio (DOB 11/25/64) on charges of marijuana cultivation and trafficking. They were being held at the St. Lucie County jail this morning under bonds of $80,000 each.

Serving the search warrant Tuesday afternoon capped a six-week investigation, Sheriff Mascara said. Detectives seized 57 seven-foot plants, which could produce one pound of marijuana each, four times a year. Proceeds yearly from the sale of the marijuana, at $4,000 per pound, would total $912,000, the Sheriff said.

The grow house contained an elaborate irrigation system, a sophisticated cooling system that blew cool air directly into enclosed light fixtures, a supplemental air conditioning unit and wiring that diverted electricity away from the home’s electrical meter in an attempt to conceal the amount of energy used in the illegal operation.

This grow house is not related to the Global Homes case or any other grow houses shut down by law enforcement, according to Sheriff Mascara.

Here is a web link to a locator map of the grow house:

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