Emergencies: 911


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 January 14th, 2014  
Barricaded man found dead inside home
At 3:16 this afternoon, Sheriff Ken J. Mascara said deputies responded to 1501 Avenue Q in response to an obscene loud music call. The call was from Francis K. Sweet Elementary, located directly across the street from the location of the music, which was described as obscene, loud music which could be heard by the students within the school.

Two uniformed deputies responded to the residence and could hear loud music playing, coming from the garage area. The deputies knocked on the front door but got no response. They then knocked on the garage door and the door opened. As the door opened, they saw a black male holding a handgun at his side. They ordered the male to drop the gun but the male began to raise the gun toward the deputies. Fearing for their lives, the deputies were forced to open fire on the subject as he closed the garage door. Several rounds were fired but it was unknown if any bullets struck the male.

According to Sheriff Mascara, a perimeter was immediately established and the SWAT and Crisis Negotiations Team were called. It was initially believed there was a mentally handicapped child inside the residence with the subject. We were eventually able to confirm the child’s location was somewhere other than inside this residence.

During the event, attempts were made to establish communication with the individual, but were unsuccessful. The SWAT team then deployed chemical agents into the residence.

After still receiving no response, a remote controlled camera was inserted through the garage door and we were able to see a male lying on the garage floor, just inside the garage door. Entry was made into the residence where the male was found deceased. The cause of death is to be determined. The entire event lasted just under four hours.

At this time, the identity of the male has not been confirmed. Investigators are processing the crime scene and are expected to be at this location for several hours.

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