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 April 29th, 2013  
St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office and St. Lucie Medical Center collect 10 boxes of unwanted, unused over-the-counter medications for safe disposal on Saturday's national drug take-back day, according to Sheriff Mascara
Last Saturday's national drug take-back day saw the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office collect 10 boxes of unwanted, unused or outdated over-the-counter medications from the public, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"We opened the lobby of our headquarters building on Midway Road Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to encourage people to bring in their unwanted, unused medications," Sheriff Mascara said. "And the public did just that. Also. St. Lucie Medical Center in Port St. Lucie accepted unwanted, out-of-date medications Saturday. Together, we collected 10 boxes of medication and 32 gallons of needles and syringes."

Unused or out-of-date medications can become targets for thieves or for children who are naturally curious. Law enforcement can safely dispose of the medications, which is better than people flushing them down the toilet and possibly affecting the groundwater, Sheriff Mascara said.

"Every business day, from Monday - Friday, the lobby of our headquarters building at 4700 West Midway Road is open for the public to dispose of unwanted medications in a secure drop box," Sheriff Mascara said. "We participated in the national drug take-back program to encourage people who might not have known about our lobby drop box to bring in their unwanted medications."

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