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 March 7th, 2006  
Security camera photo of bank robber leads to her arrest within hours of the crime
Seven hours after a Port St. Lucie woman robbed a bank on U.S.1 just north of the city, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s investigators arrested her at a Port St. Lucie gas station March 7.

Sheriff Ken Mascara praised the man who saw the woman’s picture on the evening news the day of the robbery after the Sheriff's Office provided news media with a photo taken by a bank security camera.

"Because of help from this community, the Sheriff's Office was able to bring this investigation to a swift conclusion", Sheriff Mascara said.

Robyn  L. Drake, 48, committed the robbery at  1 p.m. at Washington Mutual Bank’s branch at Riomar Drive and U.S.1. She enjoyed her haul by dining on lobster and steak and downing a Daiquiri at the Jensen Beach Red Lobster restaurant two hours later.

A few hours after that, she was behind bars.

Deputies discovered the restaurant receipt in her pants pocket when they took her into custody.

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