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 July 19th, 2012  
New St. Lucie County jail video visitation system will start Friday one month early, thanks to extra effort by contractors, according to Sheriff Mascara
Thanks to the mobilization of resources by St. Lucie County jail contractors, a new video visitation system will begin operations Friday, a month earlier than anticipated, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"When an electrical power surge destroyed our previous video visitation system earlier this month, it appeared that it would take until late August to replace it with a new, modern system that we already had ordered," said Sheriff Mascara. "The mobilization of human and technical resources by the contractor and subcontractors has made it possible to start up the new system a month early."

The Sheriff said that it's important for family and friends of those confined at the jail to have the opportunity for visitation.

"For that reason, we asked the companies installing the new system to devote additional resources to the project to speed up the completion date," Sheriff Mascara said. "They all pledged to do whatever it takes to get the system up and running as soon as possible."

The main contractor on the project is Accurate Controls of Ripon, Wisconsin. Subcontractors are Renovo software of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and two Port St. Lucie-based companies, Gerelco Electrical Contractors and Gerelcom, which specializes in voice-data-fiber projects.

"They all have put forth extraordinary efforts, and I want to commend them for all they have done."

The $750,000 cost of the new video visitation system was covered by funds received from the federal government for the housing of federal detainees in the St. Lucie County jail and not from local taxpayer dollars, Sheriff Mascara said.

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