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 May 7th, 2012  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara will preside at agency quarterly award ceremony Thursday, May 24, at 10:30 a.m. at St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office headquarters
On Thursday May 24, at 10:30 a.m., St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara will preside at the agency's quarterly awards ceremony at St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office headquarters, 4700 West Midway Road, Fort Pierce.

Here are the award recipients:

Fourth Quarter

Admin. Law Enforcement Sup. of the Quarter Adam Goodner
Detective of the Quarter Santiago Martinez
Detention Civilian of the Quarter Sally Mullins
Detention Deputy of the Quarter David McKeever
*Detention Deputy of the Fourth Quarter Dawn Dale
Detention Supervisor of the Quarter Doug Laury
*Detention Supervisor of the Fourth Quarter Johnny Henry
Patrol Operations Deputy of the Quarter Daniel Campbell
Patrol Support Deputy of the Quarter.. Michelle Hernandez
Volunteer of the Quarter Louis Ehrhard, Eugene Engelhardt
* Award recipients from previous quarters

Miscellaneous Awards

Life Saving Latrice Holiday, Fawziyya Harris, Tracy Gillespie, Fred Grumminger
Exceptional Duty Robert Lee, Tony Savage
Commendation Tim Goyette, Robert Lee, Tony Savage
Commendation Mark Colangelo, Mike Sheelar, David Caglioni, Wade Courtemanche, (undercover deputy), Tad Leroy, Shawn Masters, Evens Paulvil, (undercover deputy), Mark Sarvis, Jeff Schoner, Tina Speicker, Randy Tucker, John Vema, (undercover deputy), and 911 personnel (Karen Evans, Tina Funk, Carrie Willoughby)
Commendation Sally Mullins, Dayatra Ragin-Bryant
Unit Citations Detention Lobby Clerks: Elaine Arnell, Rose Debevec, Mary Gajewski, Sherry Raulerson, Marissa Sotomayor, Charles Strickland
Sons of the American Revolution Angela Flowers
Distinguished Service (citizenry) Cody Garcia, Geminia Aimable
Distinguished Service (citizenry) Chris Burrowes, Bryan Liles, Dustin Bean
Here are the details:

Distinguished Service Award
Cody Garcia and Geminia Aimable

On February 8 while changing class at a middle school, a handicapped student on a walker was assaulted by another student. Geminia Aimable heard her friend’s cry for help. She pushed her way through students to render aide. Geminia grabbed the victim preventing him from falling into the bus loading ramp. The victim’s mother said her son would have suffered serious injuries had he fallen because of his medical condition.

Cody Garcia, who also saw the attack, began giving the suspect verbal commands to stop his attack. The suspect took the victim’s belongings and began to flee. Cody confronted the suspect again giving commands to stop and wrestled the victim’s belongings from the suspect.

In today’s society it is often hard to get a young person to give statements to law enforcement. They feel they are being a snitch and are afraid their friends might be upset with them. Cody and Geminia stepped right up. Both stated it was the right thing to do. Cody’s and Geminia’s disregard for their own safety to assist a fellow student in need and their courage in speaking the truth regardless of peer pressure is worthy of recognition.

Distinguished Service Award
Chris Burrowes
Bryan Liles
Dustin Bean

Deputy Bob Margerum approached Chris Burrowes of Cycle Werks Bicycle Shop about the increase of civilian bicycle traffic on sidewalks, bicycle paths, and roadways after dark without the required lighting. Bicycles travelling in the dark are difficult to see without proper reflectors and could be hazardous. They discussed bicycle lights that could be handed out to the riders who were out at night riding. Chris Burrowes and Bryan Liles were supportive of the idea and supplied Deputy Margerum with the lights at little or no cost. Through their cooperation, over 29 bicycle lights have been distributed to the homeless, unemployed, and children in our area.

Thank you for making our roadways a safer place for our residents.

Detective of the Quarter
Santiago Martinez

Detective Santiago Martinez was recently assigned to the Drug Diversion Unit after working over five years in other roles as a detective. This assignment is a work-intensive position. The procedure for investigating these types of cases is usually long and tedious. Detective Martinez embraced the task and hit the ground running.

During this quarter, he worked over 100 cases which have resulted in a significant amount of arrests, approximately 33 percent. He introduced himself to hundreds of doctors and pharmacists in our area, which pays off on a daily basis. Detective Martinez has also conducted several classes in regard to prescription drug abuse.

In addition, he continues to assist the street crimes members with their investigations.

Detective Martinez is always willing to help.

Administrative/Law Enforcement Supervisor of the Quarter
Adam Goodner

Sergeant Adam Goodner’s normal duties include providing mid-level management of the technical services unit, evidence unit and identification unit. Additionally, he is the commander of the crisis negotiation team. While doing these things, he functions as the lead driving instructor and cold case investigation team leader.

During this quarter, several cold case homicide investigations have been reopened, and Sergeant Goodner has been hard at work coordinating these.

Sergeant Goodner reorganized the work flow and increased communication within the
identification unit. He was instrumental in getting the scanning process up and running in the ID unit as well.

During this quarter, Sergeant Goodner continued to serve as a member of the OSSI Core Team. This team is researching a new dispatch and report management system.
Patrol Operations Deputy of the Quarter
Daniel Campbell

Deputy Daniel Campbell has been with the office since April 2007. Deputy Campbell produced the following statistics:

26 felony probable cause arrests 3 felony warrants, 15 misdemeanor probable cause arrests, 1 misdemeanor warrant, 21 traffic citations, 62 verbal/written warnings, 15 field identificationcards, and 32 reports.

One highlight from Deputy Campbell’s nomination occurred on March 13. He was dispatched to a burglary in progress. Before Deputy Campbell arrived, he saw the suspect vehicle leaving the area at a high rate of speed. He stopped the vehicle with two suspects matching the description of the burglars. Deputy Campbell found the stolen property inside the vehicle and arrested both occupants.

These suspects gave a full confession to Deputy Campbell along with a second location where they stole items. Because of his quick response time, observation and investigation skills, these suspects are in jail, and the victims had their property returned.

Volunteer of the Quarter
Eugene Engelhardt
Louis Ehrhard

On the night of March 24 while on COP patrol in Spanish Lakes Riverfront, Mr. Eugene Engelhardt and Mr. Louis Ehrhard turned onto Don Quixote Court and noticed an unconscious man laying half in the grass and half on the roadway. Mr. Ehrhard called 911 and Mr. Engelhardt checked the man for a pulse. He noticed the man’s pulse was strong and fast. When the victim became responsive, he stated that he was cold and asked for a throw off his couch.

Louis & Eugene informed rescue and the deputy what they observed, and then went back on patrol.

Thanks to the quick decision of Mr. Englehart and Mr. Ehrhard the victim was transported to the hospital for treatment and is now back home.

Exceptional Duty
Robert Lee
Tony Savage

On March 31 Deputy Tony Savage and Master Deputy Robert Lee were notified by the Coast Guard officers that there were two missing divers 13 miles off our coast. Deputies Savage and Lee proceeded to drive the office boat into the Atlantic Ocean through a building storm front. Unfortunately, they had to return for safety reasons.

The deputies were concerned for the safety of the divers and spoke to the Coast Guard about their ongoing search. The Coast Guard invited them to assist with the search. Prior to receiving instructions on a search grid location, they began an overview of an area 10 miles to the north of the last known position and slightly west thinking the divers might try to swim to shore.

With the sea conditions rough with heavy waves, along with decaying visibility due to the onset of the night conditions, it took the entire crew to stay vigilant and provide a careful watch for the divers. Finally, Deputy Tony Savage spotted an arm in the crest of a wave and then on the next crest saw the two divers’ heads bobbing in the water. The divers were quickly pulled aboard the Coast Guard vessel and brought back to shore safe and sound.

It may have been a different outcome if not for the diligent efforts of the Coast Guard and Deputies Savage and Lee.

Tim Goyette
Robert Lee
Tony Savage

On March 28 Deputy Tim Goyette was dispatched to to A-1-A in regards to a white male who was nude except for a homemade mask chasing a female. This was the second incident like this in the last two weeks. The only information Deputy Goyette had was the area the male was last seen running. Deputy Goyette stopped and started talking to the male who told him he just arrived at this location but when he was pulling in a white pick-up truck with a while male was leaving the park. Deputy Goyette relayed the information over the radio.

Deputies Tony Savage and Robert Lee heard the call and responded. On the way, they passed a white pick-up truck. They turned around to stop the truck but the driver turned into a neighborhood in an attempt to elude the deputies. They found the truck parked along the road. When they got closer, the driver accelerated away from the area. Deputies Savage and Lee were able to catch the suspect vehicle and conduct a traffic stop.

The driver admitted to leaving the area where the incident took place. He gave consent to search the truck, but no mask was found. Deputy Lee returned to the location in the neighborhood while Deputy Savage remained with the suspect. Deputy Lee discovered the hidden mask. The mask was positively identified as the mask used by the suspect.

The suspect admitted he was the person who was nude with the mask on the beach. During the investigation they learned he is suspect for similar crimes in Indian River and Brevard Counties.

Sportsman’s park shooting

Mark Colangelo
Mike Sheelar
David Caglioni
(undercover deputy)
(undercover deputy)
Tad Leroy
Shawn Masters
Evens Paulvil
(undercover deputy)
Mark Sarvis
Jeff Schoner
Tina Speicker
Randy Tucker
Jon Verna
(undercover deputy)
Karen Evans, 911 dispatcher
Tina Funk, 911 dispatcher
Carrie Willoughby, 911 dispatcher

On March 14 at 8:43 p.m. Deputy Jon Verna received information about shooting activity at Sportsman’s Park. Deputy Verna replayed this information to 911. The dispatcher (Tina Funk) indicated that 911 call takers were fielding numerous calls about the incident.

Deputies Randy Tucker and Mark Sarvis arrived on scene and confirmed that someone was shot. Deputies Tucker and Sarvis took control of the large crowd and began gathering suspect information. They provided dispatchers Tina Funk and Carrie Willoughby and other deputies with a description of the suspect, a description of the vehicle, and direction of travel.

Deputy Evens Paulvil located the suspect vehicle traveling on 25th Street at a high rate of speed. A short pursuit ensued, at which time Deputy Tad Leroy took over the radio.

Other deputies quickly took positions on 25th Street and Edwards Road. As the fleeing suspects were faced with the show of force by these deputies, they surrendered and were taken into custody.

Approximately 10 minutes from the time of the shooting, the suspects gave post-Miranda statements acknowledging they were involved in the shooting.

The next day two undercover deputies conducted a traffic stop. During the course of this stop, a handgun was recovered. The weapon recovered was the same weapon used at Sportman’s Park.

The Port St. Lucie Police Department is handling this murder investigation.

The manner in which this entire incident was handled is a shining example of what makes us all proud to be members of the Sheriff’s Office.

Detention Civilian of the Quarter
Sally Mullins

Sometimes a clerk’s job is routine. However, there are times when they are more than a clerk. On March 13 Sally Mullins went beyond her usual duties when a violent incident took place in the Aramark canteen warehouse across from her office. She observed two trustees fighting in the warehouse. Sally used her good judgment in calling for assistance during the altercation. She remained calm and professional calling for assistance on the radio. Several deputies arrived on scene and were able to separate the two inmates.

Due to her quick actions the incident was brought under control with no serious injuries to either inmate or staff.

Sally responded like a veteran officer with calm efficiency.

Detention Deputy of the Quarter
David McKeever

Deputy David McKeever has shown himself to be a strong team player. He is always offering assistance without one asking. He takes command of a situation. His dominance in stressful situations has calmed many circumstances that could easily escalated to possible inmate or deputy injury.

He brought prior experience to the job, which has been a strong asset to all. He is viewed as an outstanding deputy with his supervisors and staff. He has added to his experience by taking additional classes and training to better his skills.

According to his supervisor, Deputy McKeever is one of those few deputies who with little to no supervision always excels at his position.

Detention Deputy of the Fourth Quarter 2011
Dawn Dale

Detective Scott Young of the office of investigation approached booking unit deputies and asked for inmate phone call information on unusual and serious offenses. Deputies responded to his request, but none like Deputy Dawn Dale. Deputy Dale sent Detective Young over 30 e-mails. These e-mails saved Detective Young’s office an average of 30 to 60 minutes of time viewing video to get phone call time, which totalled to 15 hours.

To date, the office of investigation reports that information of evidentiary value obtained from these phone records has assisted in arrests and convictions of offenses ranging from possession of narcotics, possession of a firearm, armed robbery, drug trafficking, and even homicide.

In addition to keeping track of the inmates making phone calls for the office of investigations, Deputy Dale has maintained her regular job duties. This includes booking over 1,700 inmate charges in the past year.

Deputy Dale has set an excellent example for other deputies and has demonstrated a commitment to the vision and mission of the office. Thank you for a job well done.

Detention Supervisor of the Quarter
Doug Laury

Sgt. Doug Laury was nominated by one of his deputy’s. The nomination was as follows: Sergeant Doug Laury is very conscientious in making sure the safety of the deputies in his unit come first during any assignment. Security is his primary concern. He goes out of the way to work with other counties to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs in local areas to save time, money, mileage, and wear on agency vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office.

During the recent Evans and Lane trials, Sergeant Laury made sure that security traveling to and from the courthouse was in place each day. He came to work before his shift started to ensure that all security precautions were in place and staying each night until court was over, and the inmates were returned to the jail. He monitored the trial proceedings throughout each day working in conjunction with court security.

Sgt. Laury takes pride in his position and shows his ability to manage his unit in an organized manner.

Detention Supervisor of the Fourth Quarter 2011
Johnny Henry

Sgt. Johnny Henry came to work in the booking area this quarter. He has a drive to succeed and has taken his time, working alongside all the deputies on his shift, learning the area. He has grown in leaps and bounds, faster than any other supervisor Lt. O’Brien has managed in the booking area.

Sgt. Henry is highly respected by his staff for the way he supervises, works as a supervisor, and assists the deputies to make everything run smoothly. His integrity is the highest, bar-none, leaving Lt. O’Brien at ease when Sgt. Henry is at the helm. He has achieved in a short time what others have taken much longer to learn and does not hesitate to ask questions and learns constantly.

Life Saving
Latrice Holiday
Fawziyya Harris
Tracy Gillespie
Fred Grumminger (Corizon Nurse)

On April 2 an inmate in the delta west dorm notified Deputy Latrice Holiday that her roommate was trying to kill herself. Deputy Holiday notified Deputies Fawziyya Harris and Tracy Gillespie. Both deputies ran to the cell. When they entered the cell, they saw the inmate lying on her mat with a knotted, ripped sheet around her neck. They notice the inmate twisting the sheet tighter and tighter around her neck causing her eyes to roll.

Deputy Gillespie grabbed the inmate’s right arm and Deputy Harris grabbed her left arm. The Corizon nurse (Fred Grumminger) used his scissors to cut the noose from her throat. These deputies then secured the inmate and escorted her to the medical unit. Due to their quick response and vigilance, the inmate did not harm herself.

Sally Mullins
Dayatra Ragin-Bryant

The jail has two civilian clerks assigned specifically to the inmate welfare area. Their primary functions are handling inmate requests for legal supplies or case information.

Sally Mullins is assigned to the Leisure /Law Library. Her duties prevent unwarranted litigation for not allowing inmates the opportunity to have access to case law. The law library is responsible for supplying the inmates with books to read and legal requests. The legal requests are retrieved via the internet through Westlaw. She researches between 150 to 200 legal requests weekly for the inmates and each inmate is allowed three legal requests a week. She issues between 300 to 500 books and magazines to the inmates weekly.

Dayatra Ragin-Bryant handles legal requests for indigent inmates and requests for inmates who are pro-se. She is tasked to keep a detailed record of the inmate request to show the courts that we are providing the inmates with adequate supplies so that they can access the courts. Last year, Dayatra processed over 4,000 legal requests and forwarded over 3,500 legal envelopes and packages back to the inmates. Dayatra is also tasked with ensuring that all indigent inmate mail receives the proper postage when sent via the postal service. All legal requests must be answered in a timely manner. A copy of the request is returned to the inmate and the original is then forwarded to classification for filing in the inmate’s file.

Lobby Clerks Unit Citation
Elaine Arnell
Rose Debevec
Mary Gajewski
Sherry Raulerson
Marissa Sotomayor
Charles Strickland

These clerks efficiently and effectively run the lobby. They are tasked to answer hundreds of calls daily as well as schedule attorney and professional visits via the fax, e-mail, and telephone requests.

In 2011, the lobby staff scheduled over 4,000 professional appointments. They have processed $31,789,129 in surety bonds. They wrote and processed $749,334 in cash bonds, and $26,173 in cash purges. The clerks process over 200 to 300 postcards daily along with other legal paperwork for the inmates and vendors. The lobby clerks are responsible for verifying the tools entering and leaving the facility. No matter how difficult the situation may prove to be, the lobby staff continues to remain courteous and professional. They play and integral role in the running of the jail. They are the first people civilians come in contact with other than road deputies. They strive to make this interaction a pleasant and positive experience.

Patrol Operations Deputy of the Quarter
Michelle Hernandez

Deputy Michelle Hernandez has been with the school resource unit for four years.

On March 22, Deputy Hernandez met with the dean of students at Dan McCarty Middle School after receiving a report of a student on campus that was in possession of a handgun. Deputy Hernandez worked quickly to locate the student. Ultimately, two students were located and arrested, and a .32 caliber handgun was recovered with 6 rounds of ammunition. The student brought the gun to school with the intent of shooting another student who the suspect sought romantic affection from that went unreciprocated.

March 26 was one of the most tragic days in St. Lucie County history. A school bus with over 30 students was involved in a major traffic crash. Deputy Hernandez responded to the scene and was called upon to proceed to Lawnwood Hospital to work with other agency members and the victim’s family members. Deputy Hernandez was compassionate and professional by calling upon her past experience as a victim’s advocate. On an extremely trying day for all, Deputy Hernandez performed above and beyond the level of professionalism.

In addition to her regular duties, Deputy Hernandez works to coordinate and analyze juvenile field interview cards to identify and track juveniles who are gang members and associates.

In addition to her duties, Deputy Hernandez serves as a member of the crisis negotiation team. * * *

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