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 May 3rd, 2012  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara announces arrest of Walmart theft ring
St. Lucie County Sheriff's investigators concluded a month-long investigation into thefts at Walmart stores with the arrest of four Port St. Lucie men for grand theft, dealing in stolen property and other charges.

"The four defendants were stealing televisions, computers, sewing machines and other consumer electronics items from Walmart and in some cases 'returning' the stolen items for refunds," Sheriff Mascara said. "Our detectives received information about this, shared it with Walmart security officers. Detectives arrested  the defendants on Tuesday."

All four are confined at the St. Lucie County jail:

- Hoyt Elie Adams, 40 (DOB 4/13/72), of 114 S.W. Majestic Terrace, Port St. Lucie, charged with dealing in stolen property, grand theft, bond, $40,000.

- Daniel Heinz, 29 (DOB 4/12/83), of 1933 S.W. Aaron Lane, Port St. Lucie, charged with grand theft (four counts), bond $63,750.

- Carlos A. Maceira, Jr., 40 (DOB 3/27/72), of 268 S.W. Audubon Ave., Port St. Lucie, charged with grand theft, bond $20,000.

- Ivan A. Franquiz, 21 (DOB 7/10/90), of 582 S.W. Fairview Ave., Port St. Lucie, charged with dealing in stolen property, possession of hydromorphine, bond $30,000.

"Our investigators learned that the suspects were stealing to get money to feed their drug addictions," Sheriff Mascara said. "This case shows that drug addiction leads to other crimes. Our investigation is continuing."

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