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 June 17th, 2011  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara will present awards to members of the Sheriff's Office June 22 at St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office headquarters
Sheriff of St. Lucie County Ken J. Mascara will preside at the quarterly awards ceremony at 10:30 a.m. on June 22 at St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office headquarters, 4700 West MidwayRoad.

Here are the award recipients:

First Quarter

Admin/Law Enforcement Supervisor of the Quarter: Joe Guertin
Civilian of the Quarter: Agnes Trama
Civilian Supervisor of the Quarter: Joyce Rivaldo
Detective of the Quarter: Chris Jadin

*Detective of the Fourth Quarter: Keith Pearson

Detention Civilian of the Quarter: Genynne Rodriguez
Detention Deputy of the Quarter: William Hedges and Ronald Surovec

*Detention Deputy of the Fourth Quarter: James Willingham

Detention Supervisor of the Quarter: Joann Coleman
Patrol Operations Deputy of the Quarter: Randy Tucker
Patrol Support Deputy of the Quarter: Lawrence Richardson

*Patrol Support Deputy of the Fourth Quarter and Year: Mildred Brown

* Previous quarter awards

Miscellaneous Awards

Life Saving: David Maliglowka, Michael Debevec, Kenneth Leedham, David Caglioni
Distinguished Service Award: David Streeter
Unit Citation: Victim Services Unit: Lissette Maldonado, Marcella Schwartz, Agnes Trama
Unit Citation: ICAC: Grant King, Rob Barton, Matt Briglia, John Parow, Steve Sessoms, Rob Valentine, Sue Woodward

Unit Citation CID (undercover officers names are omitted): Mark Schimpf, Charlie Scavuzzo, Steve Sigmon, Adam Goodner, Grant King, Carl Muschweck, Frank Pellegrini, Mayo Arizpe, Rob Barton, John Brady, Marie Brazas, Matt Brig1ia, Deron Brown, Jeff Buchanan, Frank Byrnes, Donna Carmichael, Billy Chapman, Scott DeMichael, Carolyn Dodge, Angela Flowers, Sindi Garns, Jerry Graff, Wes Harbin, Jon Horowitz, Pat Ivey, Chris Jadin, Ed LeBeau, Deb McKenna, Todd Melin, Efrem Neal, John Parow, Kevin Pfeiffer, Brian Rhodes, Lisa Robinson, Steve Sessoms, Drew Soesbe, Luke Sparkman, Rick Stuhr, Paul Taylor, Rob Valentine, Jen Waters, Ron Wentz, Fred Wilson, Sue Woodward, Rich Young

Florida Sheriffs Association - Lifetime Member: Bucky Walters

Here are the details:

Administrative/Law Enforcement Supervisor of the Quarter: Joe Guertin

Sgt. Joe Guertin is a proficient, professional law enforcement supervisor who is dedicated to patrol. He maintains high standards for himself and for the deputies he supervises. Sergeant Guertin is one of two sergeants who are assigned to the Emergency Operations Center during a major crisis.

He is our field training and evaluation program coordinator. Sgt. Guertin volunteered for the FTO program coordinator assignment which is in addition to his duties as a patrol squad sergeant. Recently the FTO manual had a complete overhaul. Now the manual is more concise, user friendly, and specific to the needs of the FTOs. There is a section specific to refresher training to deputies returning to patrol from other components, and a revised section for reserve recruits. Revising the manual required numerous meetings during the day, sometimes after he completed his shift on midnights. Thank you for a job well done.

Civilian of the Quarter: Agnes Trama

Agnes Trama has worked as a victim advocate for approximately nine years. Her office is located at the St. Lucie County Courthouse. She is invaluable to the victims of domestic violence who are seeking injunctions or who require pertinent information to court procedures.

Agnes reviews all injunction petitions, personally calls each and every petitioner, and accompanies them to court. She makes outside referrals to agencies that can assist petitioners and files for victim’s compensation if deemed necessary. Agnes provides services to approximately 60 petitioners per month.

As a victim advocate she also participates with "on-call" and responds to situations of sensitive family matters (such as death of a loved one). She is dedicated to seeing that justice is served for her victims. Agnes is an active member of the 19th Judicial Circuit Rights Coalition and Kids Connected by Design. She is a great asset to the courthouse and the Office.

Detective of the Quarter: Christopher Jadin

Detective Chris Jadin is assigned to investigate property crimes.  Deputy Jadin’s proactive approach is evident in the following example:

In early January, a trend began on our beaches where unknown suspects were breaking into cars parked at area beach accesses. Soon after the thefts, the stolen credit cards were being used to purchase high-dollar electronics. Detective Jadin discovered this trend was happening statewide so he contacted other agencies. It appeared the same four people were involved in all of the similar cases.

Detective Jadin scheduled and facilitated a multi-agency meeting. During this meeting, investigative leads were shared which resulted in four suspects being positively identified and charged with a total of 46 felonies in multiple jurisdictions. The meeting was also attended by FDLE who has agreed to file RICO charges on the individuals. The suspects are currently incarcerated in correctional facilities around Florida.

This is one of many examples of Detective Jadin’s commitment and dedication. He is an asset to the Criminal Investigations Division.

Patrol Operations Deputy of the Quarter: Randy Tucker

Deputy Randy Tucker takes great pride in solving problems in his assigned zone. He prioritizes his work to reduce crime within the problem areas in his zone.

For example: In February Deputy Tucker became aware that the Martin County Sheriff’s Office was investigating a missing person complaint involving a teenage runaway. This teenager was alleged to have been spending time with an adult male in his home.

Deputy Tucker conducted background information on the male. The information revealed that a known burglar was residing in the same residence. Deputy Tucker conducted a proactive patrol in the area until he was able to conduct a traffic stop on the known burglar.

The traffic stop led to the discovery that the suspect was driving a stolen motorcycle. The motorcycle was recovered. The auto theft unit opened an investigation into this suspect (who currently is in our jail) and the juvenile returned home.

During the past quarter, Deputy Tucker made 15 felony arrests, 17 misdemeanor arrests, 9 warrant arrests, and issued numerous traffic citations and warnings.

Deputy Tucker has proven himself to be an asset to the office and the citizens of our county.

Life Saving: David Caglioni

On March 24 Deputy David Caglioni, Melanie Caglioni, Deputy Fernandez, Deputy Wonderly, and Deputy Gordineer were having dinner at Archie's Seabreeze Restaurant when they heard a woman scream, "She’s choking; call 911."

Across the restaurant they noticed a crowd gathering and several people screaming in a panic. Deputy Caglioni ran over to the crowd, assessing the emergency and immediately began the Heimlich maneuver on an older, large woman.

The woman had no air exchange, was turning blue, and was losing consciousness. Deputy Caglioni continued the Heimlich maneuver until the obstruction was cleared and air exchange was restored.

Had Deputy Caglioni not responded in the manner he did, the woman would not have survived the incident.

Unit Citation: Victim Services Unit
Lissette Maldonado, Marcella Schwartz, Agnes Trama

The Victim Services Unit is comprised of these three women. Each of these three women has something unique to contribute to their unit and and their collective work. Not only do these women serve the victims and families in our community, they assist our law enforcement personnel with day-to-day investigations.

In the last year, our advocates assisted 950 individuals and families and assisted them with compensation through the Office of the Attorney General (Victims Compensation) for eligible benefits.

Our office has become the lead agency due to other agencies' budget constraints, lack of on-call services, and loss of service providers. Our advocates are assisting victims in the entire county and do so willingly.

Sgt. Pellegrini oversees this unit and often reads thank you cards sent on behalf of victims and their families who are appreciative of the services that our advocates provide. Their kind words and genuine efforts make a difference in the lives of the people they work with and will be remembered for years to come.

Unit Citation: Internet Crimes Against Children Unit
Grant King, Sue Woodward, Rob Barton, Rob Valentine, John Parow, Steve Sessoms, Matt Briglia

During 2010, the ICAC Unit investigated 17 cases. Five of the cases resulted in the execution of search warrants. Eleven of the cases were referred as cyber tips and investigated. There was also the forensic examination of numerous hard drives, thumb drives, and media storage devices. This culminated to the arrest of 12 subjects for numerous felony and misdemeanor charges.

In the first quarter of this year, the unit is working on one cyber tip which is still under investigation. One search warrant was executed resulting in an arrest for felony charges. Since the inception of this team, the investigations have confirmed four live victims with four additional possible victims.

Due to the efforts of the ICAC unit, 12 individuals were arrested for crimes against children. More important, there are three victims who no longer have to be subject to sexual molestation by these suspects. One additional victim was prevented from leaving the state to meet with a suspect whose intention was to sexually molest her.

Unit Citation

Criminal Investigations Division
(undercover officers names are omitted): Mark Schimpf, Charlie Scavuzzo, Steve Sigmon, Adam Goodner, Grant King, Carl Muschweck, Frank Pellegrini, Mayo Arizpe, Rob Barton, John Brady, Marie Brazas, Matt Brig1ia, Deron Brown, Jeff Buchanan, Frank Byrnes, Donna Carmichael, Billy Chapman, Scott DeMichael, Carolyn Dodge, Angela Flowers, Sindi Garns, Jerry Graff, Wes Harbin, Jon Horowitz, Pat Ivey, Chris Jadin, Ed LeBeau, Deb McKenna, Todd Melin, Efrem Neal, John Parow, Kevin Pfeiffer, Brian Rhodes, Lisa Robinson, Steve Sessoms, Luke Sparkman, Rick Stuhr, Paul Taylor, Rob Valentine, Jen Waters, Ron Wentz, Fred Wilson, Sue Woodward, Rich Young

In December 2010, the Criminal Investigations Division was faced with solving three homicides and an attempted homicide. Virtually all detectives and support personnel had a roll in working these cases. Examples of cooperative effort include: Crime Scene documenting scenes, Economic Crimes working with bank records, Crime Analysis doing workups on suspects and witnesses, and SIU looking for witnesses and working with confidential informants.

The lead detectives received help from detectives assigned to every other type of crime in CID. Daily briefings were conducted in order to coordinate everyone’s efforts. The situation changed frequently, and plans were made and changed as new information was uncovered. CID also worked closely with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure proper prosecution when arrests were made.

By early February, arrests had been made in all cases. Working a homicide is very labor intensive and to have to work three simultaneously requires an incredibly high level of dedication. By any measure this was a herculean effort and demonstrated what a dedicated group of professionals can do do when they work as a team. Everyone involved should be congratulated for a job extremely well done.

Civilian Supervisor of the Quarter: Joyce Rivaldo

Joyce began employment with the Office as a school crossing guard in 1977. She became a full time clerk assigned to human resources in October 1981 and in April retired from the agency.

Her training led to the promotion of personnel coordinator and in October 1990 to human resources supervisor. Joyce was involved in the hiring process of all but five of our current employees.

Her willingness to share her knowledge of the policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and laws and her ability to guide and train has assisted many employees in obtaining their own employment goals. Many of the past and current support staff had their beginnings under her supervision.

Joyce quietly performed the duties assigned, completed tasks and led by example. She was a wealth of unwritten knowledge and is certainly missed.

Patrol Support Deputy of the Quarter: Lawrence Richardson

Deputy Lawrence Richardson became a full time deputy in 1987. Over the past three months, Deputy Richardson has made nine probable cause arrests, eight outside agency referrals, 1 diversion, 33 parent conferences, 25 student conferences, and 26 school administration assists.

In the beginning of 2010, Sheriff Mascara reviewed and was impressed with a program shown at the Florida Sheriffs Association conference. He charged the School Resource Deputy Unit with implementing this program. The program is called NOPE. It educates students on the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Deputy Richardson recognized the value of the program and volunteered to take the responsibility of bringing the program to our agency. He worked with program administrators to get agency personnel trained and stories pertinent to our local area youth.

He worked with the principals throughout St. Lucie County to get the program approved. The NOPE program was a hit and has been presented across the county at numerous schools over the past year. Educators and students alike have praised the hard-hitting program and recommended it to others.

While statistics are never available when it comes to proactive endeavors, we feel confident that NOPE has changed the life of many children who viewed it.

Deputy Lawrence Richardson’s positive attitude and commitment to excellence is reflected in his every day work. As such, we are proud to recognize him as the patrol support deputy of the quarter.

Detention Civilian of the Quarter: Genynne Rodriguez

Ms. Genynne Rodriguez has been with the agency for a short time and has shown dedication to her new job. She is being recognized for the action she took involving a violent inmate.

Detective Scott Young praised Genynne on a job well done. He wrote, "On Feb. 16, the Office of Investigations was contacted by the State Attorney regarding inmate Timothy Mitz. He was convicted of burglary and sexual battery and was to be sentenced on Feb. 17. The state was seeking life. The State Attorney's Office was looking for phone calls from Mitz to family members in the event he made negative statements to be used against him to support the State's position on a life sentence. Our computer was down so no calls were able to be obtained.

On Feb. 17, Detective Young received an inmate letter with a note attached from Genynne. The note advised that Detective Young may be interested in the contents of the letter. The sender was Timothy Mitz. The text of the letter detailed Mitz’s intention to kill the victim and possibly the family and assault the witness as well. The State Attorney's Office was contacted and the letter was introduced at Mitz’s sentencing. Judge McCann sentenced him to life.

Ms. Rodriguez’s actions and intuition were crucial in helping the State Attorney.

Detention Deputy of the Quarter: William Hedges and Ronald Surovec
Distinguished Service award: David Streeter

On March 28, Nurse Cindy Hicks completed medical rounds in D1S and was exiting the pod. A trustee jumped up from a chair, grabbed nurse Hicks from behind and around her neck.

Deputy Ronald Surovec was overseeing a medical visit in 113 of D1S. He moved to a blocking position and the trustee announced that this was an escape. The trustee stopped his progress toward the 109 door and began to retreat.

Deputy Surovec slowly advanced on the trustee. Deputy David Streeter was at the D1N tower and approached to assist. Deputy William Hedges and Deputy Surovec restrained the trustee while being covered by Deputy Streeter, who was also maintaining control of the inmate being seen by medical. The attempted escape and hostage situation was averted, and no injuries were inflicted to the nurse or the trustee.

Sergeant Kenneth Smith wrote that during his career, he has "not encountered circumstances of this magnitude that ended in such a positive manner. It is an honor to supervisor these deputies during this unprecedented incident."

Detention Supervisor of the Quarter: Joann Coleman

Sgt. Coleman has worked for the Sheriff's Office since 1988, first as a clerk then as a deputy. She is currently a sergeant assigned to the Booking Unit. Sgt. Joann Coleman has been a sergeant for approximately 10 years with over half of that time spent in the position of booking supervisor.

She is knowledgeable in all areas of the booking process and is a leader that shares her knowledge with her staff. Sgt. Coleman promotes a feeling of unity in her staff by giving praise when it is deserved and guidance when needed. She is quick to pitch in and lend a hand and assists employees to complete tasks. Sergeant Coleman remains calm during the hectic work environment of the booking unit.

Sgt. Coleman takes pride in the job she does and instills pride in the people who work for her.

Life Saving: Michael Debevec, Kenneth Leedham, David Maliglowka

On April 2 an inmate finished a dialysis treatment when his vital signs plummeted. Medical staff requested deputy assistance and rescued was called. Deputies Maliglowka and Leedham were moving the inmate to the floor. Medical staff advised that the inmate was in full cardiac distress and hooked up the AED. Medical staff began CPR. They were calling for needed equipment.

Deputies Maliglowka, Debevec and Leedham relieved the nurses of CPR so they could get the equipment and assess the inmate further. The three deputies continue CPR and followed the directions of the AED until rescue arrived. During this time the AED activated a shock on three separate occasions. When rescue took over, the inmate was breathing on his own and had a steady heartbeat.

Lawnwood ER staff highly praised the medical staff and the deputies for their actions saying that were "amazed that he was brought back. With a dialysis patient this type of event is rare to survive."

These deputies are commended for their actions and calm demeanor during a stressful incident.

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