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 May 25th, 2011  
St. Lucie County Hundred Club Banquet honors outstanding emergency services professionals
St. Lucie County's outstanding emergency services professionals were honored by their agencies at the May 18 Hundred Club of St. Lucie County annual banquet.

The Hundred Club's banquet at Gator Trace Country Club was the group's annual fund-raiser to benefit the families of emergency services offices seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. The group was established in 1987 in St. Lucie County.

Those honored at the banquet were: St. Lucie County Firefighter-Engineer Jeff Lee; Port St. Lucie Police Officer Joshua Peto; Fort Pierce Police Officer Nathaniel Stubley; Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Corey Lee; St. Lucie County Sheriff's Deputy Glenn Cooper (law enforcement); and St. Lucie County Sheriff's Sgt. Bob Hasse (corrections.)

Presenting the awards were: Fire Chief Ron Parrish; Port St. Lucie Police Chief Brian Reuther; Fort Pierce Police Capt. Gregory Kirk; Florida Highway Patrol Capt. John Cataldo, Fort Pierce District Commander: and Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

The featured speaker of the event was Judge Burton Conner, of Florida's Fourth District Court of Appeals.

The Hundred Club is a charitable, non-profit organization, and contributions are charitable and tax-deductible.

One hundred percent of all funds collected by the Hundred Club go to officers and family. All services provided by the Hundred Club are provided by dedicated volunteers.

The President of the Hundred Club of St. Lucie County is Jane Rowley.

Here are the remarks of Capt. Gregory Kirk, Fort Pierce Police Department, who named Nathaniel Stubley the Fort Pierce Police Department Officer of the Year:

Officer Stubley has been with the Department since 2008 and is assigned to Neighborhood Policing as a patrol officer.

During his short tenure as a police officer, Officer Stubley has proven his dedication and determination to protect and serve our community.

His supervisors describe him as one of the most proactive officers in the department. They are amazed at his outstanding work ethic.

To quote the writer "Sam Ewing," Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses and some don’t show up at all.

I can tell you that Officer Nathaniel Stubley shows up and rolls up his sleeves daily. He continuously exceeds his professional and personal goals.

Officer Stubley has the highest productivity ratio of any officer in the department. Here are his statistics for 2010: more than 3,000 citizen contacts, more than 180 arrests for crimes committed; 15 DUI arrests, and more than 380 traffic citations or warnings.

Officer Stubley strives to advance his knowledge and training. He has attended several law enforcement training courses. He has completed certification as a Crisis Intervention and team officer. He has become a member of the Florida Gang Investigators Association.

He has volunteered to share his martial arts skills by partnering with the Police Athletic League, and he has helped train our youth and officers in Brazilian Jujitsu. He volunteered to take part in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics.

Officer Stubley truly Exemplifies the Ft. Pierce Police Department motto; "Protecting the community we serve."   

Here are the Remarks of Brian Reuther, Chief of Police, City of Port St. Lucie, who named Josh Peto the Port St. Lucie Police Department Officer of the Year:

Officer Josh Peto was selected as Port St. Lucie Police Department's 2010 Officer of the Year, having been previously recognized as the department's Officer of the Third Quarter for 2010 as well.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Officer Peto attended Lorain County Community College and worked in his family's business prior to becoming a certified Ohio Peace Officer. He served with the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office in Atlanta, Ga., before joining the Port St. Lucie Police Department on November 30, 2004. 

Officer Peto's exceptional overall performance throughout 2010 includes the following:

Officer Peto responded to a fire alarm and criminal mischief call at the Heart and Family Health Institute. Severe flooding and equipment malfunctions caused the building's total evacuation. Chaos was further increased when several disabled, wheelchair-bound patients became stuck in the elevator. Officer Peto's investigative efforts led to tracking down the suspect responsible and obtaining a confession.

After a victim reported being stalked by two unknown subjects, Officer Peto spent a significant amount of time diligently following up on several leads and tips. Through his diligence, he was able to determine the victim had filed a false police report, lying about the stalking to cover a "drug deal gone bad." 

While on routine patrol, Officer Peto observed a subject running in and out of traffic on Veteran's Memorial Parkway. Despite the danger from this uncooperative individual and heavy vehicle traffic, he guided the combative subject to safety.

A model officer, Officer Peto's accomplishments and contributions to the citizens of Port St. Lucie have been significant, not just in 2010, but throughout his career. He is a past Officer of the Quarter, and the recipient of several Unit and Commendation Citations, as well as Lifesaving and Problem Oriented Policing Awards.

It is a great honor to recognize Officer Peto at tonight's Hundred Club awards dinner.

Congratulations, Officer Peto, for your outstanding law enforcement service, and thank you for making a difference in our community.

Here are the remarks of Ken J. Mascara, Sheriff of St. Lucie County, who named Deputy Glenn Cooper the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year:

Deputy Glenn J. Cooper has been a member of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office for six years. He is a consistently outstanding deputy currently assigned to a patrol zone in the southern end of St. Lucie County. He performs his duties with a high degree of professionalism, efficiency and respect for the members of the public he serves.

A recent letter of appreciation from a homeowners group reflects the public’s respect for Deputy Cooper. After he responded to a fire in a manufactured home, a member of the homeowners group wrote: "We would like to commend Deputy Glenn J. Cooper ... for his performance in the line of duty. He presented himself in a very professional manner and was very helpful to our personnel and the resident of the home."

Deputy Cooper’s proactive approach is evident in these examples:

He responded to a burglary to a vehicle in progress outside a McDonald’s restaurant in the 7600 block of South U.S.1. The victim went inside and was eating when he saw two subjects break into his vehicle in the parking lot and remove two laptop computers he had just purchased. The subjects fled the scene. Deputy Cooper immediately relayed vehicle and suspect information, and the suspects were taken into custody in a matter of minutes. The new laptops were returned to their grateful owner.

Deputy Cooper was patrolling in the area of the Pop-a-Top Tavern in the City of Port St. Lucie. He noticed a bicycle leaning against the business that he recognized as that of a subject, who often frequented the tavern, and for whom there was an active misdemeanor warrant. He found the subject inside the business and arrested him. I mention this case because the overwhelming majority of a patrol deputy’s shift consists of incidents such as this. Deputy Cooper's attention to such details makes him highly effective.

Deputy Cooper responded to a road rage incident in which witnesses saw the occupant of one vehicle traveling on U.S.1 repeatedly bashing another vehicle with a baseball bat, while the other vehicle also was traveling on U.S.1. Deputy Cooper, assisted by other deputies, stopped both vehicles in the parking lot of a Best Western motel. Deputy Cooper's investigation determined that the road rage incident resulted from a drug deal that went bad. Deputy Cooper arrested three subjects on felony charges.

Deputy Glenn Cooper's exemplary actions in these and countless other cases demonstrate that he richly deserves recognition for his exemplary performance as the deputy of the year.

Here are the remarks of Ken J. Mascara, Sheriff of St. Lucie County, who named Sgt. Bob Hasse the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Corrections Deputy of the Year:

Sgt. Bob Hasse, the Department of Detention's work farm supervisor, has been employed with the agency since 1990.

Sgt. Hasse is dedicated to his job and works well with staff and inmates, overseeing four staff, of whom three are civilians, in addition to the inmates. He receives requests for inmate labor assistance from the Sheriff's Office and various agencies in the county. Free labor is hard to come by, and everyone that has had assistance from the work farm staff and the trustees knows whatever Sgt. Hasse's crew is tasked with, it will be top notch.

Sgt. Hasse has taken on jobs including furniture repair, yard and road cleanup, painting, moving the county law library, repairing bikes for inmates and the Sheriff's Office's Christmas Kids project in which bicycles are given out to St. Lucie County's needy children.

The most recent notable request was from a mother of a handicapped child searching for a three-wheel bike for her child. Sgt. Hasse did not have what she needed, and after researching and calling around the country he could find nothing to fit this child's needs. He then took it upon himself to make a special bike in which the child's mother could control the steering. The custom-made bike also was designed with a special seat for the child.

Sgt. Hasse researches the trades and skills of inmates, which allows inmates to occupy their time making use of their career/trade skills or teaching them new ones to use when they are released.

Both the county and the Sheriff's Office have greatly benefited by the work Sgt. Hasse has taken on. Last year, as of October, 35,900 inmate labor hours were performed. Based on a rate of $12 per hour, this resulted in a cost savings of approximately $430,800.

Sergeant Hasse’s work demonstrates time and again his ability to achieve exemplary performance, making him an ideal selection for the 2011 Corrections Deputy of the Year.

Here are the remarks of Captain John Cataldo, Fort Pierce District Commander, Florida Highway Patrol, who named Trooper Corey Lee as the Highway Patrol's Officer of the Year:

Trooper Corey Lee has shown outstanding commitment and exceptional ability in keeping the Treasure coast roadways safe and free from impaired drivers.

In 2010, Trooper Lee arrested 106 drunk or impaired drivers throughout the Treasure Coast and made four major drug arrests. Trooper Lee takes a great interest in his cases, assuring that his investigators are thorough and his reports are well prepared for his courtroom testimony. Trooper Lee's knowledge in the area of drunk driver detection and apprehension is exceptional and invaluable to those who work with him.

Here are the remarks of Ron Parrish, Fire Chief of St. Lucie County, naming Jeff Lee Firefighter of the Year:

Our Firefighter of the Year was nominated by his peers. He was the first firefighter nominated in our new process of selecting a Firefighter of the Quarter, which puts him in competition for Firefighter of the Year with three other firefighters.

Our Firefighter of the Year is a firefighter/engineer assigned to Station 16. He holds a Bachelor's degree (with highest honors) in Fire Science, He has been intricately involved in the development and implementation of numerous software tools for the Fire District, such as overtime roster/electronic forms for leave of absence (including vacation, sick, administrative leave and union leave) as well as electronic signature forms. His efforts have saved the Fire District a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

He is a dedicated, engaged and highly motivated individual who holds strong family values and is highly respected by his peers.

Our Firefighter of the Year has two beautiful daughters: Cassidy and Madison, twins I might add, he is here with his lovely wife, Susan.

In addition to all the projects managed by our Firefighter of the Year, he also sits on numerous committees and boards for the District and his profession.

Some of those committee are: Health Insurance Trust, Sick Leave Pool Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Fire Operations Committee, and the Labor-Management Committee

He has also been involved in numerous charities, including: Pink Tie Friends, Boys and Girls Club, Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Big Heart Brigade, CASTLE, and the Red Cross.

Most recently, he was elected to serve as President of the Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of St. Lucie County Local 1377.

I am very proud and honored to present to you St. Lucie County Firefighter of the Year: Jeff Lee.

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