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 May 12th, 2011  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara announces results of Internet-based prostitution sting
St. Lucie County Sheriff's deputies arrested three women and two men Wednesday capping an investigation into people using Internet sites to solicit customers for prostitution, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"Prostitution is illegal, whether people solicit customers on street corners or over the Internet," Sheriff Mascara said. "We received numerous complaints from members of the public who noticed Internet sites soliciting for customers for prostitutes. As we have in the past, we took action. People who use the Internet for prostitution need to know that law enforcement will take action against them whenever possible."

Arrested for solicitation of prostitution were: Kasia Marie Banaszak, 30, of Port St. Lucie; Stephanie Marie Moore, 23, of Fort Pierce; Julie A. Post, 28, of Fort Pierce; and Les Ruiz, 47, of Port St. Lucie. In addition, deputies arrested Joseph Charles Bonadia, 28, of Port St. Lucie, for being an accessory to solicitation of prostitution and possession of Oxycodone.

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