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 March 16th, 2007  
Chop shop’s “to do list” leads St. Lucie County Sheriff’s detectives to stolen motorcycle parts, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara

March 16, 2007 -- St. Lucie County Sheriff’s detectives are keeping a “to do list” in the case of three county residents arrested Thursday by Port St. Lucie police for operating a stolen motorcycle parts business commonly known as a “chop shop.”

Thanks to the thieves’ careful recordkeeping, the detective’s to do list now includes the notation: “Seek additional charges,” according to St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

When Port St. Lucie police arrested the trio Thursday at a home at 707 S.E. Fallon Drive, Port St. Lucie, investigators found a “to do list” that included as item number 1: “bikes to storage.” Investigators found another piece of paper listing the name and address of the storage business and the locked area where the thieves stored the stolen parts, Sheriff Mascara said.

“Based on that information, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Detectives Rusty Russell and Deron Brown presented an application for a search warrant to County Court Judge Kathryn Nelson who signed the warrant late Thursday,” Sheriff Mascara said.

Sheriff’s and Port St. Lucie police detectives went to locker number 373 at Lock-N-Go Storage, 7680 South U.S.1, Thursday night. They recovered six stolen motorcycle frames and two stolen engines. The items were stolen from the Orange County-Daytona Beach area, according to detectives.

That evidence will be the basis for further investigation, and possibly for additional charges against Kenneth G. Bebout (DOB 9/3/70), John V. Vanhoff (DOB 2/22/83) and Antonio A. Soto (DOB 7/7/87), all of whom Port St. Lucie Police detectives arrested Thursday on five grand theft auto charges and a single charge or operating a chop shop.

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