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 February 17th, 2011  
Sheriff's Office salutes its loyal employees with 1,320 years of service
At a Feb. 16 dinner at Gator Trace, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara honored Sheriff's Office employees with a combined 1,320 years of service.

Here are their names and years of service:

35 YEARS: Michael Monahan, Dorothy Shaw

30 YEARS: Michael Watkins, Harry Wells

25 YEARS: Richard Blaszka, Jeff Buchanan, Deborah Fleury, Jerry Graff, Michael Graves, Kevin
Lindstadt, Cindy Long, Carl Muschweck, Mark T. Schimpf, Zachary Pressley, Jerry Rothman, Victor Sands, Richard T. Young

20 YEARS: Robert Barton, Jeffrey Cogswell, Kevin Dietrich, Robert DiMarco, Bob Hasse, Glenn
Hoffman, Doug Laury, Edward Oxley, Frank J. Pellegrini, Jr. Mary Lou Puchala, Michael Sheelar, Donald Spivey, Patricia Walsh, John F. Willis

15 YEARS: Gary Gonsalves, George King, S.M. (undercover), Stanley Mazanoski, William McMahon, David Meizinger, James Mullins

15 YEARS: Paul Rust, Tony Savage, Ronald Stickney, Buddy Ward, Scott Wells, Steve Wise

10 YEARS: L.A. (undercover), Matthew Briglia, Rollins Brown, Dottie Cardillo, Christopher
Cheslock, Nicholas Cutrone, Angela Flowers, Rozanne Friend, Patrick Gannon, Marc Geisler, Troy Glover, Wes Harbin, Charla Harper,  Johnny Hubbard, Paul Hutchinson, Patrick Ivey, Jeffrey Jackson, Edward Johnson, Edward Johnston, Sallyann Kelly, Tad LeRroy, Clay Mangrum, Ken Mascara

10 YEARS: Sooner Means, Gary Morales, T.N. (undercover), Alan Porcaro, Marcia Richardson, Judy Runestad, Ronald Seraphin, J.D. Small, Luke Sparkman, Cory Speicker, Leland Squires, Theresa Stanton, Paul Taylor, Linda Thiery, Agnes Trama, Garry Wilson

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