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 December 7th, 2010  
St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office makes six-year-old disabled girl's Christmas wish come true with custom-made three-wheel bicycle built by jail work farm crew
Six-year-old Jillie Moore had the Christmas wish of a typical child. She wanted a bicycle. But Jillie is unable to use her arms and legs because she suffers from cerebral palsy.

Her mother, Tami Moore, contacted Sheriff's Sgt. Bob Hasse, a 19-year veteran of the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office, who supervises the work of the St. Lucie County jail work farm inmate crew. This is a group of carefully selected, convicted detainees, serving their sentences at the jail who have skills in carpentry, plumbing, construction and other fields.

The work farm crew is responsible for more than 65,000 hours of community-service labor throughout the year performed for government agencies and non-profit community groups.

Sgt. Hasse's research indicated that a specially constructed bicycle, which Jillie's mother could operate from a set of handle bars behind the passenger seat, would cost more than $4,500 if purchased at retail. He studied various designs on the Internet before deciding to custom-build Jillie's bicycle with the help of the work farm inmates.

The design required the work crew, led by Sgt. Hasse, to take parts from six bicycles and to fabricate additional components. He enlisted the support of area businesses, which gladly donated their expertise and craftsmanship.

Apple Industrial donated bearings and other parts. Maaco Collision Repair painted the three-wheeler. Art Attack Graphic Design created the graphics. Triple T Auto Trim donated seat cushions which were fashioned into a seat.

Two weeks before Christmas, Tami Moore brought Jillie to the Sheriff's Office to get her Christmas wish. Deputy Charles Badger played Santa Claus, and Jillie got her first bike ride down a hallway at Sheriff's Office headquarters on Midway Road.

Sheriff Mascara said: "Each and every day the men and women of the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office perform courageously to maintain the public safety of our community and it's citizens, but just as important, each and every day behind the scenes without much fanfare, they perform acts of kindness to improve the quality of life of our citizens and our community. This is just one example. During this time of holiday spirit and giving, this event exemplifies the commitment of the Sheriff's Office to better our community."

Sheriff Mascara continued: "In our mission to better our community we reach out to community partners to assist us as we did on this project.  This endeavor was only possible with their gracious support."

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