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 February 6th, 2006  
Two arrests made in shutdown of elaborate marijuana “grow house” in Port St. Lucie
Acting on confidential information, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s drug investigators in mid-January shut down an elaborate marijuana “grow house” in Port St. Lucie, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara. Detectives estimate the grow house, in the garage of a single-family home in central Port St. Lucie, would produce marijuana worth $260,000 a year and had been in operation for at least a year. Arrested at the home at 1130 S.E. Puritan Lane, Port St. Lucie, were Serguey Rios, 25, and Yosvany Roche, 34. Both were charged with cultivation of marijuana and trafficking in marijuana. Rios was charged with battery on a law officer when he grabbed a detective as he pulled aside a blanket covering the entrance to the garage where the marijuana was located. Deputies seized 65 marijuana plants. Some of the plants were more than 5 feet tall. When detectives came to the front door, Rios and Roche laughed and “happily invited” them into the home, detectives said. The home’s electrical system was altered to bypass the Florida Power and Light Co. meter, and FPL cut off power to the home. The investigation is continuing.

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