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 September 16th, 2010  
Compliance with laws against selling alcohol to minors in St. Lucie County increases in latest undercover check of convenience stores, according to Sheriff Mascara
An undercover operation Wednesday night throughout St. Lucie County showed slightly increased compliance with laws against selling alcohol to those under 21, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"In Wednesday night's operation, visiting convenience stores from Lakewood Park in northern St. Lucie County to those in southern Port St. Lucie, compliance was 87 percent," Sheriff Mascara said. "This is up 2 percentage points from the 85 percent compliance we had in a similar operation in March."

Teams of underage volunteers, under the supervision of Deputies of the School Resource Deputy Section, entered convenience stores to try to buy alcohol without showing proof of legal age, said Sheriff Mascara.

Teams visited 37 stores, with 32 requiring proof of legal age and five neglecting to do so.

The store proprietor at the each offending store was charged with a misdemeanor and given a notice to appear in court to face the charge.

The Sheriff's Office began the undercover operations in 2004.

Here are the businesses found in non-compliance by selling alcohol to those under 21:

- BP Gas, 2802 South U.S.1, Fort Pierce
- AJ Family Food, 5101 Turnpike Feeder Road, Fort Pierce
- BP Gas, 233 S.W. Port St. Lucie Boulevard, Port St. Lucie
- Walgreens, 1661 N.W. St. Lucie West Boulevard, Port St. Lucie
- BP Gas, 1820 Fountain Boulevard, Port St. Lucie

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