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 August 20th, 2010  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara reminds motorists to watch for school children while driving because the St. Lucie County school year starts Monday
On Monday, the school year begins in St. Lucie County, and Sheriff Ken J. Mascara reminds motorists to drive carefully and to watch out for school children.

"It's always important to drive carefully and defensively," Sheriff Mascara said, "but now that school is starting, it's especially important to look out for school children walking to or from school or waiting at bus stops."

Sheriff Mascara says children may run into the street without warning to run after a school bus or to play. "It's up to each of us behind the wheel to proceed with caution in residential neighborhoods, especially before sunrise or late in the afternoon when children may be walking to or from school, or to a bus stop."

St. Lucie County deputies will be on the road to ensure that people drive safely and don't speed through school zones or school bus zones.

"The safety of our children is up to each of us," Sheriff Mascara said. "It's a good idea to leave a little early for your destination starting Monday to account for school bus traffic or parents taking their children to or from school."

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