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 May 21st, 2010  
State organization honors St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Lt. Jerry Rothman as "Law Enforcement Accreditation Assessor of the Year," according to Sheriff Mascara
The Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) has honored St. Lucie County Sheriff's Lt. Jerry Rothman, selecting him as the 2009 Assessor of the Year, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"Lt. Rothman has served this agency with distinction and professionalism since joining us 24 years ago," Sheriff Mascara said. "The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office was in the first group of Florida law enforcement agencies to receive state accreditation. Lt. Rothman helps us maintain the highest level of professionalism through the accreditation program."

CFA will honor Lt. Rothman at a July 1 ceremony at Bonita Springs.

Details of the Florida law enforcement accreditation program are available at the organization's website www.flaccreditation.org.

Here are excerpts from the award nomination submitted by Sheriff Mascara:

- Leadership

Having been active in accreditation since 1990, which is when he assisted the St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office (SLCSO) earn its initial national accreditation, Lt. Rothman is known as one of the leaders in accreditation. He served as the SLCSO accreditation manager during two full Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) assessments and continues to oversee the Accreditation Unit. Lt. Rothman recognizes the knowledge and dedication it takes to be a successful accreditation manager and it was his forethought that lead to the creation of a the Certified Accreditation Professional (CAP) Program to recognize such dedicated professionals in accreditation.

Lt. Rothman first became an assessor for CFA in 2001. Throughout the years he has earned a stellar reputation as a reliable, straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is assessor. During 2009, he participated in six agency assessments. Two assessments were "mock" assessments where the candidate agencies requested Lt. Rothman's help directly. The other four were at the request of the CFA Commission staff to include the first Inspector General on-site assessment.

Accreditation managers and fellow assessors know they can depend upon Lt. Rothman to have the knowledge. experience, and strength of character to provide a candid assessment of an agency.

- Coaching and mentoring Assessors and Accreditation Managers

Lt. Rothman places great importance and emphasis on his coaching and mentoring responsibilities. He recognizes that an accreditation manager's competence has a direct relationship to the agency's overall accreditation success. Prior to an on-site assessment, Lt. Rothman will always be up front and let the accreditation manager know what they should expect and what will be expected of them. He assures them that he will work with them and he is there to help see them succeed.

During a mock assessment he will build a mentoring relationship with the accreditation manager and offers them assistance even after the mock assessment. Lt. Rothman is also an active member of the File Review Committee and assists anyone who would like to have their files reviewed at the FLA-PAC conferences.

When Lt. Rothman is an assessment team leader, he is very conscientious about making contact with his team members prior to the on-site assessment. He takes the time to determine each member's individual work background and accreditation experience levels. He then makes chapter assignments accordingly. During the assessment, he monitors less experienced assessors and provides support where appropriate.

- Promoting cooperation and communication with candidate agency members, Commission staff, and onsite assessment team members

Lt. Rothman promotes cooperation and communication among everyone involved in an assessment. He emphasizes the importance of support and commitment to the process from all levels, from line staff to the Chief Executive Officer. He conveys to fellow team members that they have a duty to evaluate the agency's level of compliance to standards objectively, without bias or subjectivity. However, he also conveys the message that the assessment team's mission is not to prevent the agency from being accredited, but to help when appropriate.

Agencies frequently differ in the methods they use to accomplish the same objective. This can create a potential conflict among the accreditation manager and assessors. As a seasoned assessor, Lt. Rothman understands this and does not hesitate to contact Commission staff for clarification or advice.

- Quality and consistency of work product

Lt. Rothman attends training conferences regularly and is a member of the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee which assures he stays up to date on changes to standards. He is consistent in his interpretation and application of standards based upon the agency's size, organizational structure, community expectations, and agency mission. Lt. Rothman receives many requests for his assistance as an assessor because he conducts a comprehensive and thorough assessment.

Although, Lt. Rothman participated in six assessments for other agencies. he had to turn down several requests for his assistance. This was due to his other job demands by the SLCSO.
CF A staff advises that Lt. Rothman writes an excellent assessment report.

- Demonstrated commitment to Commission's principles, goals and success

Lt. Rothman's commitment to CFA began in 1992 when he served as a member of the CFA Task Force responsible for drafting the initial First Edition Standards Manual and the accreditation program. Since then, he has served on several committees to include the By-Laws Committee. File Review Committee, and the Standards Review and Interpretation Committee.

Lt. Rothman promotes a genuine welcoming relationship with all agencies that he assesses and is supportive in all ways relating to the furtherance of law enforcement accreditation. Lt. Lt. Rothman has been nominated a few times in the past for assessor of the year as I truly believe his credibility, integrity, and willingness to assist other agencies exemplifies CF A's vision and mission. * * *

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