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 December 20th, 2006  
Road rage incident sees antlers used as a weapon

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two Ft. Pierce Men following a road rage incident involving a deer antlers and a handgun in a late December incident.

St. Lucie County Sheriff Deputies responded to a report of a traffic crash at the intersection of  Midway Road and U.S. 1 in Ft. Pierce . Following their arrival, deputies on scene determined the crash was the result of a  road rage incident involving the drivers of both vehicles.


Ronny White, age 35 of Ft. Pierce and Keith Ransford, age 23 , also from Ft. Pierce, were involved in an altercation while they were both driving northbound on U.S. 1 south of Midway Road.


As both vehicles arrived at the intersection of U.S. 1 and Midway Road, both men pulled over, exited their vehicles and became involved in a verbal altercation. During the exchange of words between the two men, White retrieved a deer antler from his vehicle. White then attempted use the antler to attack Ransford who had retreated back to his vehicle. White failed to strike Ransford with the deer antler but instead struck Ransford’s vehicle with weapon.


Sheriff’s Investigators stated both men retreated to their vehicles, and began driving and were involved in a collision with each other.  Following the collision, White attempted to leave the area and. Ransford followed him to the area of Starr Avenue, one block to the east on Midway Road.


While both vehicles were on Starr Avenue, Ransford rammed his vehicle into White’s vehicle. Following this, White produced a handgun a fired one shot into Ransford’s vehicle. Following the shot, Ransford fled the area in his vehicle and was located by deputies in a parking lot a short distance away.


Following the incident, both men were arrested and later transported to the St. Lucie County Jail.


It is the first known antlers-as-weapon incident involving an arrest by deputies.

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