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 April 9th, 2010  
St. Lucie County Sheriff's investigators seize assault rifle, revolver and drugs, and make six arrests, Sheriff Mascara announces
St. Lucie County Sheriff's investigators seized a loaded AK-47 assault rifle, a loaded revolver, crack cocaine rocks and marijuana and arrested six people after serving a search warrant today at 609 North 19th Street, Fort Pierce, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

"When the detectives searched the perimeter near the home, they discovered several makeshift trip wires with empty cans attached at a vacant lot." said Sheriff Mascara. "Under a pile of logs within 10 feet of the home the detectives found two loaded firearms: an AK-47 assault rifle and a Ruger 38 Special revolver."

The revolver had five rounds, and the assault rifle contained a full magazine. Drug agents found a box of AK-47 rounds inside the home.

Also seized were 31 crack cocaine rocks and 68 grams of marijuana, said Sheriff Mascara.

Arrested were:

- John Reese, 25 (DOB 4/21/84), charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon and a warrant for violation of probation for possesion of marijuana.

- Kelvin Barnes, 25 (DOB 12/8/84), charged with possession of cocaine.

- Olin Skinner, 45 (DOB 4/13/65), charged with possession of cocaine.

- James Williams, 18 (DOB 1/31/92), charged with possession of cocaine.

- Vonquel Ware, a juvenile, charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

- Zegery Reeves, a juvenie, charged with resisting arrest without violence. * * *

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