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 February 12th, 2010  
U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force 2-day operation in Port St. Lucie snags 23 offenders
The U.S. Marshals Service South Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force conducted a two-day, 10-hour warrant sweep in the City of Port Saint Lucie Wednesday and Thursday nights.

This task force consists of two U.S. Marshals, seven St. Lucie County Sheriff's Deputies, one Fort Pierce Police Officer, One Port St. Lucie Police Officer and one Martin County Sheriff's Deputy. The local law officers and deputies are all deputized as Deputy U.S. Marshals.

During the sweep, officers went door to door with arrest warrants in hand to apprehend offenders who were wanted by local and federal agencies.

A total of 23 offenders were apprehended during the sweep which cleared a total of 30 arrest warrants.

Three major cases were cleared during the sweep.

- Diamond T. Kindrick B/M 10/18/1986 (A known 29th Street Gang member) was wanted for attempted first degree murder with a firearm and burglary of a dwelling while armed. He was wanted for a shooting that occurred on Jan. 3.

Kindrick arrived at a party in the City of Fort.Pierce and pulled a handgun on the victim. A struggle ensued over the gun, and Kindrick pulled the trigger during the struggle, but the gun did not fire because the magazine fell out of the gun. The victim attempted to flee from Kindrick, but Kindrick placed the magazine back into the gun and fired several shots at the victim as he was running from the scene.

An hour after For Pierce Police Detectives obtained the arrest warrant, task force officers began hunting for Kindrick. They learned that Kindrick was hiding out in a house at 2706 Avenue G, Fort Pierce, where they took him into custody without incident.

- Edwin Wetherell W/M 05/14/1939 was wanted for two counts of (capital) sexual battery on a child under 12 by perpetrator over 18. The victim reported that over a three-year period beginning in 2005, the suspect repeatedly fondled her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

The suspect also had the victim view pornographic videos and magazines. The suspect also used sex toys on the victim and had the victim use the toys on him. Detectives were also able to intercept letters from the suspect to the victim that appeared to have been written to an adult because of the adult content.

The suspect reportedly went into hiding, and task force officers canvassed the area and located the suspect's truck backed into the side of a house in Fort Pierce. The house was surrounded, and after several minutes the suspect was taken into custody without incident.

- Daniel M. May W/M 05/18/1967 was wanted for violation of probation for lewd and lascivious battery. He was taken into custody after several interviews led to his location.

Also arrested during the warrant sweep were:

- Jode Gregory Jackson B/F 10/20/1975 wanted for four warrants for bad checks.

- Wenbin Huang O/M 10/06/1968 wanted for federal tax fraud.

- Felende Morestant B/F 04/10/1987 wanted for organized fraud.

- Tammy Ann Glover W/F 11/13/1969 wanted for violation of probation on possession of controlled substance w/o prescription.

- Rachel Elk Dunbar W/F 01/16/1973 wanted for prescription fraud.

- Crystal Marie Sanders W/F 12/18/1982 wanted for false statement for public aid and third degree grand theft.

- William K. Chess W/M 09/13/1956 wanted for grand theft over twenty thousand dollars.

- Paula Keenan W/F 12/04/1958 wanted for an order of pretrial detention for trespassing.

- Charles E. Jolly W/M 11/19/1937 wanted for drunk driving with property damage.

- Latasha Tiesh Mcneall B/F 01/15/1983 wanted for violation of probation for grand theft.

- Albert Eugene Brancaccio W/M 12/27/1974 wanted for battery.

- Thomas F. Moors W/M 01/05/1986 wanted for dealing in stolen property and giving false information to a pawnbroker.

- Luckner Delma B/M 05/06/1958 wanted for drunk driving.

- James Jay Perry W/M 09/03/1959 wanted for tax fraud.

- David M. Sanchez W/M 01/01/1962 wanted for failure to redeliver hired vehicle.

- Christopher John Bradley W/M 05/10/1991 wanted for 2 counts of possession of counterfeit payment instrument, grand theft and uttering forged instrument.

- Jimmy Conti W/M 11/19/1955 wanted for felony drunk driving and driving with a suspended license.

- Felecia L Banks B/F 05/13/1961 wanted for 2 bad checks she hid in the attic of her house and is a teacher in Palm Beach County.

- Francisco A. Castillo W/M 01/28/1976 wanted for an order on motion to revoke bond for possession of similitude and drunk driving.

- Randy Louis Laguerre B/M 07/01/1988 wanted for failure to appear in court, burglary of a structure and possession of cannabis less than 20 grams.

There were no injuries sustained during the sweep to either suspects or officer. There was no personal property seized during the sweep.

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