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 December 1st, 2009  
St. Lucie County jail resumes normal rules for inmate visitation, religious services, with no new cases of possible H1N1 flu among inmates, Sheriff Mascara announces
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara today announced an end to the restrictions in effect since Nov. 14 that  temporarily eliminated St. Lucie County jail inmate visits by the public and a halt to religious services.

The Sheriff had ordered the restrictions because nine jail inmates had been placed in medical isolation after showing possible symptoms of the H1N1 Flu virus. The nine have been receiving appropriate treatment under the direction of the jail's medical staff.

Today, the nine had progressed to the point that the jail's medical director removed them from medical isolation.

Effective Wednesday, Sheriff Mascara ordered the resumption of normal rules for  inmate visits by members of the public, consultations between inmates and their attorneys, and religious services. * * *

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