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 October 30th, 2009  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara gives parents and children Halloween safety tips
St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara has Halloween safety tips for trick or treaters and their parents.

“The safety of our children is the most important mission of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Mascara. “By observing a few common sense rules, Halloween can be safe as well as enjoyable for children and adults.”

For door-to-door trick or treating, go to homes of trusted friends.

Attend a private party hosted by friends, school, or church.

Let an adult inspect all candy before eating.

Only give or take candy in the manufacturer’s sealed package.

Parents should always accompany young children

Don't go inside a stranger's house, no matter what anyone says.

Trick or treaters should always be in groups so they aren't a tempting target for real life goblins.

 Make a map of your trick or treat route and check the route against the sex offender database.

 Stay in your own neighborhood.

 Stop only at well lit houses.

 Carry a flashlight or light stick.

 Use makeup instead of a mask so you can see.

 Wear light colored clothing or costumes.

 Always keep a safe distance between you and moving cars.

 Be respectful of other people and their property.

 Screen all treats before you eat them.

 Start early. End early.

 Use sidewalks or walk facing traffic.

 Stop, look, and listen at corners.

 Walk, don't run.

 Don't go between parked cars or crisscross back and forth across streets or into traffic

 Don't carry sharp instruments.

Parents, if you are wearing a costume and driving, be sure you can see clearly and make sure your costume does not impede you ability to operate your vehicle safely. 

If adult celebrations include alcohol, whether hosting or participating, be responsible; as always, drivers need to remember, “Over the limit, under arrest.”

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