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 August 31st, 2009  
St. Lucie deputies arrest 503, seize 10 guns in summer intensified enforcement operation, according to Sheriff Mascara
Between the last day of school (June 10) and the first day of school (Aug. 24), St. Lucie County deputies took 10 guns off the streets of high-crime areas of Fort Pierce and arrested 503, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

“Our deputies were on the streets of Fort Pierce for this operation Tuesday through Saturday, mostly at night,” Sheriff Mascara said. “It was important to have a heightened street presence to take guns off the street and arrest street dealers who often are associated with gangs.”

Sheriff Mascara said the operation involved 1,653 citizen contacts. “We wanted to send a message that we were on the streets to vigorously enforce the law,” said the Sheriff. “We didn’t want to give trouble a place to start.”

There were eight shootings in the City of FP durng the summer. “I believe that number would have been higher if we hadn’t taken 10 guns off the street,” Sheriff Mascara said.

Deputies arrested 503 people on a total of 556 charges of which 155 were felonies.

In addition, there were 455 traffic charges and 992 written warnings.

In all, deputies seized drugs, cash, vehicles and guns worth nearly $92,000.

The operation began June 11 and ended Aug. 23 and took place almost entirely without incurring overtime, the Sheriff said.

Please see the attached table for totals.

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office
Summer Intensified Enforcement Operation

Total Persons Arrested: 503

Felony Charges: 155
Misdemeanor Charges: 339
Warrant Arrests: 62

FI Cards: 60
Criminal Traffic: 143
Moving Citations: 198
Non Moving Citations: 114
Correction Cards: 85
Written Warnings: 992

Number of Items Seized

Powder Cocaine Ounces: 5.5
Rock Cocaine (Grams): 225.9
Marijuana (Grams): 1,198.6
MDMA: 31
Prescription Drugs: 927
Paraphernalia: 56
Vehicles: 3
Guns: 10

Total Value of Items Seized

Drugs: $ 44,175
Currency: 5,586
Vehicles: 41,000
Guns: 1,225

Grand total: $ 91,986

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