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 June 30th, 2009  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara reminds public of new seatbelt law now in effect
St. Lucie County deputies are now enforcing a new state law that took effect today making it a primary offense for any front-seat passenger of a vehicle not to be secured with a seatbelt, according to St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

The fine is $101.

“Before today, the seatbelt requirement was a secondary offense, and now it’s a primary offense,” said Sheriff Mascara. “That means that if a deputy can see that anyone in the front seat of a vehicle isn’t wearing a seatbelt, the deputy can stop the car for that reason and write the citation.”

Before today, a deputy would have had to stop the vehicle for some offense other than failure to wear a seatbelt. Then, if there was a seatbelt violation, the deputy could write a ticket.

“The fine for this offense is $101,” Sheriff Mascara said. “People can save the money and aggravation by making sure everyone in the front seat is buckled up. The seatbelt law is in place for the safety of the public. Now the law has more teeth.”

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