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 June 18th, 2008  
Burglar alarm company teams up with St. Lucie County Sheriff’s victim advocates to provide free security systems, Sheriff Mascara announces
Free security systems will be available to a limited number of domestic violence victims in St. Lucie County, thanks to a partnership between Sheriff’s victim advocates and a security company, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

“We are grateful to AAA Security of Port St. Lucie for making security systems to a limited number of victims of domestic violence,” Sheriff Mascara said. “The security systems will make victims safer, and the public will benefit.

“J.P. Anton, president of AAA Security and Senior Consultant Greg Smith understand the devastating effects of domestic violence, and they want to give back to the community through this service,” Sheriff Mascara said.

To be eligible, domestic violence victims in St. Lucie County must have obtained an injunction for protection, or there must be a domestic violence, stalking or violation of protection order case filed with a law enforcement agency, and the victim must not be living with the offender.

Other conditions may apply.

Those who want to participate in the program are asked to contact St. Lucie County Sheriff’s victim advocates by telephoning 462-3230.

The security company and the Sheriff's Office worked together to crate the program in which Sheriff’s victim advocates will carefully screen victims for eligibility due to limited availability of the systems.

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