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 June 2nd, 2008  
St. Lucie County jail inmate programs graduation ceremony is Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. at the jail, media invited
An Inmate Programs Graduation Ceremony will take place at the St. Lucie County jail at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday to recognize the accomplishments that inmates have made to make positive changes in their lives, according to St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

The guest speaker will be Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Public Defender Diamond Litty. Members of the media are invited.

“Jail inmates take part in a variety of innovative programs made possible by collaborative efforts of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, Indian River Community College, and Aramark Correctional Services, the food service provider for the jail,” Sheriff Mascara said. “Programs include Substance Abuse, Adult Education/G.E.D., and Culinary programs.”
Sheriff Mascara continued, “The inmates are carefully screened by our classification specialists who look at their crimes/charges, history of previous incarcerations, behavior, their needs, and other pertinent information to determine which program will be beneficial for them. Some inmates are incarcerated long enough to benefit from more than one program.

“These programs prepare them to move back into society with a sense of self worth and employment skills. Our programs also offer assistance and guidance to a life of sobriety.”

Since 2007 to the present, the number of inmates who have completed these programs are as follows; Substance Abuse Program -200, IRCC/GED Program -87, and the Culinary program which began in September has had 32 complete the program.”

Upon completion of these programs a graduation ceremony takes place at which certificates are awarded.

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