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 April 16th, 2008  
2-year-old child reunited with parents after driving directions misunderstanding, St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara announces
The two-year-old boy whose identity was not known for several hours Tuesday is back with his parents in the north-St. Lucie County Sheraton Plaza neighborhood, St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara said this morning

“This was a case of misunderstood directions by the daycare center worker who dropped him off at the wrong home Tuesday morning,” said Sheriff Mascara. “Our investigation is over, and this was not a criminal matter. We’re glad it was resolved quickly, and we thank all those members of the community, including family members, who called Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers in response to news media stories.”

The Florida Department of Children and Families is looking into the circumstances of the boy’s having been driven to the wrong home Tuesday after he became ill at his daycare center.

Sheriff Mascara said, “We were able to resolve this quickly Tuesday night because of the overwhelming response by members of the public, including some of the boy’s relatives, to news media stories in which we asked for phone calls to Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers from anyone who could help us. Within two hours of the news media carrying the story, we had identified the boy and his grandmother.”

Also, the Sheriff's Office used its “reverse 9-1-1” system to make automated phone calls to everyone in the Sheraton Plaza neighborhood late Tuesday afternoon. Sheriff Mascara said one of the calls went to the boy’s father, who in turn called authorities.

Tuesday, it was thought the woman who dropped off the boy at the wrong home might have been his grandmother, but this was not the case.

“Here’s what happened Tuesday,” Sheriff Mascara said. “The boy became ill at his daycare center. Apparently daycare workers called the boy’s mother who asked that he be taken home to his father. But the worker who drove the boy experienced an honest misunderstanding of the driving directions. This resulted in the woman dropping off the boy at a home several homes away from the intended destination.”

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