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 April 10th, 2008  
St. Lucie County Sheriff Mascara announces arrest of Miami man who ran marijuana grow house in northern St. Lucie County
Responding to a complaint of marijuana cultivation at a home in a northern St. Lucie County subdivision, Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Miami man and shut down his grow house late Wednesday afternoon, according to Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.

“We have charged Luis Cunis, DOB 9/23/62, of Miami, with cultivation of marijuana, trafficking in marijuana and possessing marijuana with intent to sell,” Sheriff Mascara said.

“Cunis had converted what looked like an oversized garage into a hydroponic growing operation and had 30 plants under cultivation,” said Sheriff Mascara. “The room was heavily insulated and had high-intensity grow lights on the ceiling.”

Sheriff Mascara said the annual income from the plants was about $120,000.

“We will not tolerate drug cultivation and drug dealing in St. Lucie County,” Sheriff Mascara said.

The arrest of Cunis took place late Wednesday afternoon. Earlier in the day, deputies served a search warrant at an apartment east of U.S.1 off Prima Vista Boulevard, arrested four people and seized more than one kilogram of powdered cocaine with a street value of more than $80,000. Detectives described it as a mid-level distribution operation.

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