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St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office's
St. Lucie County Hundred Club Law Enforcement Officer of the Year 2012


Detective Angela Flowers receives Hundred Club Sheriff's Officer of the Year Award from Sheriff Ken J. Mascara.


Detective Angela Flowers: St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office's Hundred Club Law Enforcement Officer of the Year

Detective Angela Flowers has been a member of the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office for 12 years and has been assigned to the economic crimes unit for the last five years.

The Economic Crimes Unit is not one of glory but one of paper, paper, paper. They investigate crimes such as identity theft, all types of fraud, embezzlements, money laundering, elderly exploitation and racketeering. Some of these cases require hundreds of hours in investigating and thousands of documents having to be analyzed. It takes an analytical, meticulous and task-oriented personality to handle this type of work.

Detective Flowers' professional manner and demeanor leave nothing lacking when dealing with the constituency in our community. Her cell phone is constantly activated by people that she has made contact with during her investigations. Her office phone is loaded with calls from people involved in the multitude of investigations that are assigned to Detective Flowers. She is definitely a master of case prioritization.

One of her many noteworthy cases, which took many months of investigation, was a racketeering case. It was a charity scam which involved 3,000 victims. The case was classified as a boiler room operation, utilizing children's youth programs to defraud citizens out of their hard-earned money.

The targets of the investigation, now defendants, would use door-to-door and phone solicitation and would collect donations for non-existent children's charities. Could you imagine finding, contacting, interviewing, and investigating each one of these victims? She did. This was a lot of work and persistence on Detective Flowers' part.

Another case that comes to mind is one that lasted four years, the Global Homes Case. This case started as a drug case where marijuana cultivation, money laundering, mortgage fraud, and racketeering all came into play. Detective Flowers assisted the legal team in the civil process of the case. A total of $120,000 was disbursed among the agencies involved in the investigation.

In addition to those cases, she handles her regular case load of approximately 40 cases a month. All of Detective Flowers' case reports are written and investigated with a professional command of the language and legal expertise.

With the entire workload Detective Flowers carries, she still found time to attend night classes at Indian River State College, and she earned her Associates of Arts degree. Detective Flowers is currently working toward her degree in forensic accounting from Columbia Southern University.

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